By Paula @ Holiday World

Your park and staff have completely exceeded my expectations on our first visit to Holiday World on Saturday, May 22.
I will start off by saying that holiday world was the first of 3 parks we visited this past weekend. We drove 11 hours to Tell City, IN on Friday, and we hit Holiday World on Saturday, Kings Island on Sunday, and then finished our trip with Cedar Point on Monday.
I am a bit of a coaster enthusiast, so the Voyage was my main draw to the park, but it is your amazing staff and insane value that will bring us back.
My first experience was dealing with Lisa through some online inquiries. She replied promptly to my messages and helped me with everything from weather, to money saving tips for our visit. She told me that she hoped we enjoyed our visit more than Cedar Point and Kings island… and we did! In fact I think that the operators of Six Flags and Cedar Fair could learn a lot from a visit to Holiday World. Do you recall if they have ever been?
When we purchased our tickets on Saturday, your very friendly staff member wished us a Merry Christmas, and had a huge smile on her face. It was a fantastic first impression.
As we entered the park we noticed the person in front of us used a season pass, and was welcomed to the park by name! I thought that was a really cool touch! I am a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass holder, and I have never been greeted this way at a Cedar Fair Park. It seems like they just heard people through the gates like cattle.
Our first ride was "The Legend" (Raven was closed in the morning). Again, your staff amazes us! As I go to put my bag in the bin, the ride attendant took my bag for me, as well as everyone else’s bags that were loading the train. It is a small gesture… but it is the little things your staff does that really make the difference. Your ride attendants smile as they dispatch the trains and wish us a good ride. The experience on the legend really speaks for itself, but as we get back into the station and we are all laughing and smiling, the ride attendant asked me directly to my face (smiling of coarse) "Did you enjoy your ride?" The word Awesome doesn't even do your staff justice!
The above experience was repeated, on every ride, every time. I want to commend you on finding such friendly staff. It is obvious that you do a fantastic job at keeping your staff engaged and motivated.
At the end of the day, we did not want to leave. Your park really spoiled us! At Kings Island and Cedar Point we often wished we were back at Holiday World. I think we all learned this past weekend that there is more to a great park than how many coasters it has.

Your slides and coasters are epic, your prices are fair, and I don't recall ever drinking as much Gatorade at an amusement park as I did on Saturday.

Holiday World represents the very best value in family entertainment, and is truly world class. Your park was definitely worth the 11-hour drive, and we can't wait to come back.

Thank you so much!

Justin B.
Cambridge, Ontario Canada

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