The “Rejoice” show is awesome

I just wanted to let Holiday World what a great day we had!

The staff was one of the friendliest I have ever seen at any theme park I have ever been to.

I would also like to tell you how great the Rejoice show was! It is so neat that this show exists. I have never seen a Christian show at a theme park and I think it is so cool that this is done with such excitement.  It was truly a worship experience and the gospel was displayed so well and openly! That is just awesome and I want to commend Holiday World for having this show!

Thank you!

Heather R.


Remembering Will

Karen has worked here since she was a teen.

She was one of Will's favorites: cheerful, hard-working, quick with a witty comeback. She's now a married mom of two, and our administrative assistant.

With Will's passing, Karen was asked to piece together photos and video clips to help tell Will's story.

Here's a clip with photos of Will in the park, video of him playing bass guitar with the Beachcombers, plus a bit of a sweet interview Will's middle child, Leah, conducted with Will a few years ago, asking questions you'd posted here on the HoliBlog.

That bit about Karen being one of Will's favorites? Come to think of it, our boss and dear friend had a way about him that made us all feel like we were special to him.

…as he was to all of us.

“Across the board friendliness”

I just wanted to let you know we visited your parks for the first time on Father’s Day and are still blown away by the wonderful time we had. We have lived in Florida for most of our lives and have visited Disney, Universal and Sea World more times than we can count. After moving to Tennessee earlier this year, we heard about Holiday World and since we were having "Disney withdrawals," we decided to take our son.

The first thing we noticed was the across-the-board friendliness of your staff. Every single staff member we came in contact with was smiling, seemed happy to be at work and treated us like we were important. It was very noticeable and their great attitudes were contagious.

Secondly, your park provides the best value we’ve ever seen, bar none. As people who are accustomed to "Disney pricing," we were blown away at the free parking, free soft drinks and reasonably priced food and souvenirs. Well done!

Third, we found ourselves talking all day – and the whole ride home – about how much fun we were all having and about how many things you all are doing RIGHT. My husband and I must have commented 20 times that Sea World cannot compare in any way to your parks! And while Disney is truly magical, you guys have it all over them in MANY areas, so kudos for that.

We are very excited to have your park so close and will absolutely be back, at least once per year. Keep up the great work and thank you for the service you provide.

Jenna M.
Franklin, Tennessee

The laughter goes on

I’m sifting through some old emails to save the ones from Will that made me laugh.

It’s almost every last one of them.

His sense of humor kept our mood buoyant and his easy, infectious (okay, goofy!) laugh was downright inspirational.

Something he said pretty regularly: “If we can’t have fun, who can? We’re a theme park, for goodness sake!”

Who could be grumpy around that sort of logic?

I’d email or call Will a dozen times a day just to share silliness. Sometimes it was a delicious pun, other times a bit of irony I knew he’d appreciate. We never made fun of others, we just delighted in the simple typos of life.

All week, I’ve instinctively grabbed my phone to call Will. One time was to chuckle about a sweet email sent to us that said we were all such good people, indeed we were all angles. I can just hear Will wanting to know if he could be an obtuse angle … of course, I would want to be an acute angle.

Here’s another example: A guest wrote in asking about something she’d heard in the park and found hard to believe — that children actually “shrink” during the day as they ride rides.

Sounded pretty far-fetched, but I sent it to Will just in case it was something I’d missed in physics class way-back-when.

His reply: I think it has something to do with foreshortening of length due to travel at relativistic (approaching light speed) speeds. The good news is that there’s also a time dilation effect—kids who spend a day here traveling at near light speed actually age less than if they were sitting at home stationary on their couch. In all seriousness, I can’t imagine where this came from!

The good folks at Amusement Today sent us this photo of Will from a few years back. It’s one of the many times he was awarded a Golden Ticket for the Cleanest Park in the World.

Will Koch receives "World's Cleanest Park" award in 2007

It’s been a tough week for us all. Someone we loved dearly was taken from us much too soon. But as we’ve clung together in our grief, smiles and laughter have broken through as we remember this wonderful man and all he gave us, never expecting anything in return.

Rest in peace, Will Koch.

“Visited both parks – GREAT!”

The family and I had a great time last Monday and Tuesday.
The 8 year old boys loved the access to the Pepsi Oasis and the lines were very short. 
After exiting every water ride an attendant asked how it was.  Everyone is very friendly and the park is clean.
The food was good and reasonably priced, too.  
We told some of our friends to the North of us in Champaign, IL, about your parks.  They plan to visit you sometime, but had not heard of your park until we mentioned it to them.
I have heard your adds on a local radio station, but not sure which one it was.  Maybe a Terre Haute station.                
The trip is a 3 hour, 25 minute drive (194 miles) for us but we will visit again next year. 
Brent & Family

“A great day of fun”


My oldest Daughter had a field trip to Holiday World with her school and loved it! We all went with her, (Myself, my fiance, and my Mother) along with the entire 4th, 5th and 6th grade class from Wayland Elementary School in Hartford, KY! It was wonderful!
I cannot wait to bring our other children to your amusement park for a great day of fun!
My Daughter loved seeing Santa Claus in the middle of the year instead of just Christmas time!
Thanks for having such a family friendly atmosphere for everyone to come to!
Brenda L.
Beaver Dam, Kentucky

“The vegetarian burgers are delicious!”

My family of six visited Holiday World on June 12, 2010. We all absolutely enjoyed ourselves. We are from St. Louis, Missouri. We have visited Disney World, Six Flags, Worlds of Fun, and Silver Dollar City and can honestly say that your park is the best. 

We came across your park in a search engine and didn't know what to expect.
The park was extremely clean and  workers were all nice and helpful.

We also love the smoking areas. It was so nice to walk through the park without dodging smokers.

One worker, who I'm going to guess was a supervisor, saw me sitting with my 7 month old trying to cool her and he told me about Kringle's Kafe and the air condition there.
The free drinks were perfect. We were able to easily keep everyone well hydrated and the sunscreen stations were a bonus.
We are also vegetarians and after talking to a few workers in Kringle's Kafe we were informed that you all offered a vegetarian burger.  I must say they were delicious.  It was great having another option besides cheese pizza, or bread sticks.

My mother was with us and actually ate two of the burgers. Please don't get rid of them, we will be back. One idea though is to put it on the menu. You would be amazed at how many folks would order it if they knew it was available.

I have told all my friends and family. What a great place for a weekend getaway. We are already planning to come back again! You all should be very proud of what you have built.

Thank you,
Tiffany D.

“You provide the extras at no cost”

My family and I just returned from our annual trip to your parks.  Once again we were not disappointed.
It is great that I can take my family to a place where when we leave we do not feel like we were raked over the coals and are treated like family.  Thank you for maintaining the same values and standards that you began with!
Unlike some of the other parks that seem to struggle financially, you continue to invest.  They raise prices and nickel and dime you for everything—you provide the extras at no cost!  I don’t know the financials of your business, but it seems to me this is a successful business model.
Thank you again for providing my boys a trip they will not forget.  We’ll see you next year.
By the way, Wildebeest rocks!!!!!
Clint M.
Qunicy, Illinois

“Customer service blew us away!’

My family and I visited Holiday World for the first time yesterday (June 7), and I wanted to write an e-mail letting you know how much we enjoyed our  visit. 

We were overwhelmed, in particular, with the friendliness of every single staff member with whom we came into contact.  From the ride operators  to those serving food, everyone was helpful, happy, polite, and just plain  wonderful.

Obviously, customer service is important to any business, but at Holiday World, your employees blew us away.  Over and over again, we found ourselves  talking about how amazing they were and what a pleasure it was to be at your  park as a result. 

We just wanted to pass along our appreciation and let you  know what a great job every single person in the blue Holiday World shirt is doing! 

Thank you so much!

All the best,
Mandy N.