“Good job, good job!”

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your life guard staff two weeks ago when we were at Holiday World.
It was extremely hot both days and crowded. In the wave pool alone, I witnessed them pull four out of the water. The victims were not drowning but was becoming overwhelmed and without there help they could have drowned. 
Then to your medical staff. I was in line for the RAVEN and a teenage girl collapsed of heat exhaustion. I am a police officer so my training kicked in as I was making everyone move back, your staff was observant enough to arrive and take over before we had a chance to call them. GOOD JOB!!! Instead of them chit chatting between coaster loads, they were being observant of the crowds. The staff member that came to the girl’s aid first was awesome and then within minutes an EMT arrived. GOOD JOB!!!!!

With this type of attention it makes me feel safe to know that my children will be very well guarded when I cannot always see them while there at Holiday World.

So thank you for another great visit.

Chris C.

Indianapolis, Indiana


Teens can live a day without electronic devices

I attended your park for the first time on Monday, July 26.
I was inside the park as it was getting ready to open was very impressed with what I had seen so far.
I had every intention of leaving in the afternoon to head back home.
Well, I must tell you that our day flew by riding all the rides, seeing the attractions and enjoying our visit tremendously that we did not leave until the park closed! I would’ve never guessed we would stay all day. It was great!
Your employees are very friendly and helpful, answering our questions and directing us to where we wanted to go.
We ate a fantastic lunch at the Plymouth Rock Café. Delicious chicken and dumplings and the sweet potato’s were out of this world!!  
I made my teenage boys leave their I-pods, cell phones & any other electronic devices, in the car for the day and they NEVER even asked for them until we returned to our car that night. Point being, we just had so much fun they never realized they could spend a day without! In fact, that would probably make a great commercial, ha!  
So my thanks to you and your staff for fond memories and we will return again in the near future.  
Valerie K. & Family
Louisville, Kentucky


“I love that park!”

“Thanks” for providing such a wonderful, fun, family destination.  We reside in Evansville and try to visit the park at least once a year.   
This year we had the experience of attending Holiday World shortly after spending a week at Disney World.  Although we had a very nice vacation in Florida and Disney offered some unique attractions, I can safely say our family enjoyed Holiday World Splashin Safari as much, if not more than Disney World! 
As always, the park was clean and the staff was exceptionally friendly.  The staff is always helpful and go out of their way to help.
Whenever we have friends and/or family in from out of town we encourage them to visit your park.  Each and every time, they are never disappointed.  My sister in-law who moved away from Evansville many years ago was visiting recently and took her children to the park.  The first thing she said to us when she got back was “I Love that park!!”  We couldn’t agree more.
At a time when it seems like everyone is focusing on the negative things that are happening around them and only providing feedback when it’s negative, I thought you should receive some positive feedback.  You guys are definitely doing things right!!
Thank you for continuing to be one of our families favorite places to visit.
Tim H.

Completely Satisfied

I wanted to share with you my complete satisfaction with my recent visit to Holiday World. My two girls (Grace, 8 and Eva, 4) visited for the second year in a row. We were delighted to have the same wonderful experience on both occasions. 
The park is very clean, well maintained, and parking is easy. 
Most importantly, the rides and attractions are fun, planned so children of all ages can enjoy the experience, and you have, hands down, the most pleasant and helpful staff of any park I have visited (including Disney). 
Providing free drinks is a great feature that not only saves families money, but keeps everyone hydrated and happy.

No doubt, we will return!!

Daniel H.
Hamilton, Ohio

“Wonderful time despite the rain”

Just wanted to “thank you” for providing such a nice place for families to come and have fun.
My family of four was there this past weekend (7/17 and 7/18) and we had a wonderful time despite the rain on Sunday afternoon. This was our second visit to Holiday World and it will not be our last.
I, as a parent, truly appreciate how clean, affordable and friendly your park is. Thank you for keeping the prices affordable and making it easier on families to afford a little fun in these tough economic times.
I was especially pleased with the prices of your food!! Great value and everything we had to eat there was wonderful!!
Our favorite had to be the Family Pizza Meal! Fresh, hot and delicious and a great deal for the money!!
Of course, a big “thank you” for still providing the unlimited free soft drinks and sunscreen!! Again, a huge money saver for us as drinks at other parks are so expensive that you nearly go broke just trying to keep from being thirsty!
Thanks again and we wish you many years of continued success!!
Kim K.
Plainfield, Indiana


I just wanted to thank everyone at Holiday World for making my family’s visit to your park July 16 very enjoyable. The park was clean and the people extremely friendly.
I would also like to thank those in charge for allowing me to feed my family of 5–my wife, my 14 year old son, 13 year old daughter, 7 year old son and myself—lunch and dinner for less than $50. Two meals for a family of 5 at an amusement park for less than $50? Unbelievable!
We were recently at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. Lunch for the same group plus one cost more than $70. ONE MEAL!
I know, as a business, you could make more money by increasing the prices but it’s nice to see that you don’t increase your bottom line on the backs of your visitors.
I happened to see Pat Koch in the park and should have stopped her to tell her my observations in person—-the kids were excited cause "that’s the lady from the commercials"—but I’m sure she’s a very busy woman.
Keep up the great work and I’m sure we’ll be back at your park very soon.
Take care,
Dan M.
Louisville, Kentucky

Compliments to Holiday World Employees

I wanted to send an email after returning from being at Holiday World for two days. We had a wonderful time, and said more than once how Holiday World is obviously our favorite park. We never can get over the fact that it is so clean, so affordable, and there are so many attractions that everyone can enjoy.
However, on our first day (which was Thursday) the temperature was in the high 90s, and the heat index was even, I believe around 105! My friends and I were heading to ride Watubee, and on the way up one friend became dizzy and nauseous. Her entire face turned white, and she felt like she was going to pass out. We were almost to the top, and we quickly "cut" line to get her to the top of the ride.
Once there, the three Splashin’ Safari workers quickly rushed to help us.
One girl, I believe her name was Miranda, took off her shirt, dipped it in the water, and wrapped it around our friend’s neck. Another girl, who I unfortunately can’t remember her name rushed back down the three flights of stairs to get the cooler to give her a drink of ice water. And Tre, who took over so the one girl could get the cooler, kept us laughing while we sat at the top and let our friend cool down. We eventually were able to ride down after cooling our friend down, and enjoyed the rest of the day at the park.
These three workers were perfectly trained on how to react, and because off them being so nice and friendly; it turned a horrible situation into one that we ended up laughing at the rest of the visit! We didn’t know what to do, and they took over so that our friend could cool down and still be able to enjoy the day. I was really impressed with how calm they stayed, and how they kept smiling and talking to us to keep the situation under control so our day wasn’t ruined.
We wanted to send an email thanking Tre, Miranda, and the other female worker for taking care of our friend, and I hope this can be shared with them to let them know we truly appreciated everything they did! I really wish I could remember the other girl’s name, but I hope maybe Tre and Miranda can remember her so that she can be included in the praise!
Again, I can’t thank those three enough for being so helpful, and helping us so that we could enjoy the rest of our trip, which we did a thousand times over.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
Lillie M.

A few moments with Dan

Dan Koch is the "middle child" of the Koch family; he’s president and CEO of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Dan and his mom reminisce a bit and talk about the future of the park.

Dancing in the park

It’s so fun when park guests tap their toes, bop their heads or even sing along to our musical shows.

These young ladies enjoyed the Beachcombers so much, they just had to get up and dance.

The Beachcombers perform daily (except Wednesdays) in Splashin’ Safari.

“EVERYTHING that is claimed in your commercial was true”

For several years now we have seen the commercials for Holiday World on the television. With a great deal of pleading from my seven year old daughter, my husband and I brought our children there for the day yesterday, July 14, 2010. It was the most fabulous day we have spent together as a family!
I am very aware that one can say anything they wish to sell their product in a commercial. EVERYTHING that is claimed in your commercial was true.
The park was clean!  So many times, the bathroom in a theme park is a dreaded necessity. This is not the case at Holiday World.
Every employee we came in contact with went out of their way to be friendly and helpful.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone involved in making Holiday World the place it is. My husband and I plan on making it a regular destination for our family.
Thank you again,
Kari C.
Clarksville, Tennessee