By Paula @ Holiday World

I wanted to send an email after returning from being at Holiday World for two days. We had a wonderful time, and said more than once how Holiday World is obviously our favorite park. We never can get over the fact that it is so clean, so affordable, and there are so many attractions that everyone can enjoy.
However, on our first day (which was Thursday) the temperature was in the high 90s, and the heat index was even, I believe around 105! My friends and I were heading to ride Watubee, and on the way up one friend became dizzy and nauseous. Her entire face turned white, and she felt like she was going to pass out. We were almost to the top, and we quickly "cut" line to get her to the top of the ride.
Once there, the three Splashin’ Safari workers quickly rushed to help us.
One girl, I believe her name was Miranda, took off her shirt, dipped it in the water, and wrapped it around our friend’s neck. Another girl, who I unfortunately can’t remember her name rushed back down the three flights of stairs to get the cooler to give her a drink of ice water. And Tre, who took over so the one girl could get the cooler, kept us laughing while we sat at the top and let our friend cool down. We eventually were able to ride down after cooling our friend down, and enjoyed the rest of the day at the park.
These three workers were perfectly trained on how to react, and because off them being so nice and friendly; it turned a horrible situation into one that we ended up laughing at the rest of the visit! We didn’t know what to do, and they took over so that our friend could cool down and still be able to enjoy the day. I was really impressed with how calm they stayed, and how they kept smiling and talking to us to keep the situation under control so our day wasn’t ruined.
We wanted to send an email thanking Tre, Miranda, and the other female worker for taking care of our friend, and I hope this can be shared with them to let them know we truly appreciated everything they did! I really wish I could remember the other girl’s name, but I hope maybe Tre and Miranda can remember her so that she can be included in the praise!
Again, I can’t thank those three enough for being so helpful, and helping us so that we could enjoy the rest of our trip, which we did a thousand times over.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
Lillie M.

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6 Responses to “Compliments to Holiday World Employees”

  1. Tammy C.

    We would like to give a huge thank you to Laura. Johanna, and Makayla in Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch. They were wonderful with our little girl today. She has sensory issues and sometimes the park can be overwhelming to her. By the time we arrived at this part of the park she was tired and did not want to wait in lines. They spoke gently to her and were so nice! They made our day because the park can be stressful at times. So thank you to these 3 women for being so caring and sweet!

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      We’re so glad to hear they helped make your visit a memorable one! I’ve passed along your feedback so that they can receive the recognition they deserve.

  2. Josie

    Wanna thank all the people that work there.They were nice to me and my dad.Hope to go back soon.

  3. Vanessa R.

    Tony that worked at the Fourth of July standing ride was very funny and nice!

  4. Julie Seiler

    My family and I went yesterday and it was my 1 years Olds first time at holiday world. We were up by the photo op by kringles marketplace and a red shirt employee named Kyle Ubanks asked if he could take a picture of our whole family. He was so nice and sweet. It was great of have a kind interaction! He was fantastic!

  5. Julie Seiler

    Noah at holidogs fun town on August 20th did a fantastic job. So nice and he ran 2 rides at once by himself. He had a full plate and was so kind! Asked everyone how their days were and was running the tea cups and the doggone trail.