By Paula @ Holiday World

“Thanks” for providing such a wonderful, fun, family destination.  We reside in Evansville and try to visit the park at least once a year.   
This year we had the experience of attending Holiday World shortly after spending a week at Disney World.  Although we had a very nice vacation in Florida and Disney offered some unique attractions, I can safely say our family enjoyed Holiday World Splashin Safari as much, if not more than Disney World! 
As always, the park was clean and the staff was exceptionally friendly.  The staff is always helpful and go out of their way to help.
Whenever we have friends and/or family in from out of town we encourage them to visit your park.  Each and every time, they are never disappointed.  My sister in-law who moved away from Evansville many years ago was visiting recently and took her children to the park.  The first thing she said to us when she got back was “I Love that park!!”  We couldn’t agree more.
At a time when it seems like everyone is focusing on the negative things that are happening around them and only providing feedback when it’s negative, I thought you should receive some positive feedback.  You guys are definitely doing things right!!
Thank you for continuing to be one of our families favorite places to visit.
Tim H.

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