By Paula @ Holiday World

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your life guard staff two weeks ago when we were at Holiday World.
It was extremely hot both days and crowded. In the wave pool alone, I witnessed them pull four out of the water. The victims were not drowning but was becoming overwhelmed and without there help they could have drowned. 
Then to your medical staff. I was in line for the RAVEN and a teenage girl collapsed of heat exhaustion. I am a police officer so my training kicked in as I was making everyone move back, your staff was observant enough to arrive and take over before we had a chance to call them. GOOD JOB!!! Instead of them chit chatting between coaster loads, they were being observant of the crowds. The staff member that came to the girl’s aid first was awesome and then within minutes an EMT arrived. GOOD JOB!!!!!

With this type of attention it makes me feel safe to know that my children will be very well guarded when I cannot always see them while there at Holiday World.

So thank you for another great visit.

Chris C.

Indianapolis, Indiana


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