“Your efforts have paid off”

I just wanted to say that we had a wonderful time visiting your park yesterday, July 13th. I know that a lot of effort goes into making your park "Family Friendly" and I just wanted to let you know that your efforts have paid off.
The food is reasonably priced and yummy! And your employees are great too! From the young lady working the Jungle Racer chatting with a small (very nervous) little girl while she had to wait her turn, to the young man that buckled a little girl’s stuffed dog into her bumper car and lastly to the young man who escorted (politely) a couple of girls off of the River Rapids after they cut in line, these young people made for a very enjoyable FAMILY experience!
Thanks again, we are looking forward to visiting again in the future!
Mrs. Britney B.
(Mom of two kids who LOVE Holiday World!)

“I’m your newest, biggest fan!”

I visited the water park on 7/12.
You guys set the standard for how an amusement park should be run. Free drinks, sunscreen dispensers, super-clean, ultra-friendly staff, and lots of extra services, many of them FREE. Plus the food was reasonably priced. 
I also love the woodsy setting.
I’m from Louisville, and EVERY TIME I left Kentucky Kingdom I swore I’d never go back. I can’t wait for my next visit to Holiday World! Well worth the trip. I’m you’re newest, biggest fan. 
Thanks for a great day.

Out of the mouths of babes…

Our friends Jeff and Diana out on the west coast keep in touch with us, with updates about their and-baby-makes-three little guy, Simon.

Here he is, sporting a very handsome look.


After oo-ing and ah-ing for a moment, I noticed something else.

Jeff is the mad scientist who created CoasterBuzz, one of the top online communities for the coaster crazies to happily geek out together.

Jeff started CoasterBuzz a decade ago, long before little Simon was around.

And yet look at the logo for CoasterBuzz…there's something familiar about it, don't you think?

CoasterBuzz logo

“The Beachcombers are a great addition!”

"The Beachcombers" are a great addition to the Splashin’ Safari this year!
They are a nice group of young men, very accomplished musicians, and were very "crowd- friendly."
They played music that we enjoyed immensely and even played some favorites that were unexpected, like "Mustang Sally."
We had a chance to talk to the lead singer and he was really a great guy.
They band was very responsive to the crowd and I even noticed a few people get up and dance to their music.
My family and I were very impressed and we are looking forward to seeing this new addition at the park again in the future.
Brent Z.