By Paula @ Holiday World

I visited Holiday World for the first time this past Tuesday and was (still am!) blown away by my experience.
My husband and I love amusement parks and grew up near Cedar Point. I love the coasters that Cedar Point offers and even some of the shows but was so blown away at the cleanliness and friendliness of Holiday World!
The park seems to be in tip-top shape and the employees and guests were all so friendly and sweet!
The free drinks and sunscreen were, of course, a plus. The two of us would have spent about $30 on drinks for a day at another park.
I was also so surprised that you offer vegetarian items and I actually really enjoyed the spicy black bean burger and the corn on the cob. The prices were reasonable and I actually felt like I had a quality meal rather than just a bunch of junk food making me sick to my stomach.
I was even impressed that not only did we get free parking, but we even had a shuttle to take us back and forth from the parking!
Best of all, the rides were so much fun!!
I just wanted to write to you and thank you for not making your guests feel like they are being taken advantage of in every possible way. Instead, it felt like you genuinely want your guests to have a great experience.
My only complaint would be that I wish you stayed open later in the day…we would have liked to extended our stay. We had so much fun and are hoping to come back again this year. It was like a one-day vacation that we can always remember.
I hope Holiday World never loses its charm.
Cortney B.
Louisville, Kentucky

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