By Paula @ Holiday World

Did you know Holiday World was the first park to host the Golden Ticket Awards, back in 2001? The Golden Ticket Awards are the amusement/water park industry’s version of the Academy Awards.

The 2010 awards will be announced this evening; the host park this year is Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

And look who’s there:

From left, you’ll recognize Pat Koch, then Lane Nelson from Waldameer Park. That tall fellow is William Koch III and next is his mom, Lori.

It’s time for the reception (which is before the dinner) before the awards ceremony.

Isn’t this pretty? William is a really good photographer, just like his dad.

And here’s a photo (thanks to our friend Jeffrey from Schlitterbahn Water Park) of Pat, Lori and William.

We’ll tweet about any awards we get and will post on our Facebook page, too. Good luck to all the parks!

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