By Paula @ Holiday World

You’ve probably heard they we’re getting ready to give the iconic Santa statue here in town a little touch-up work. After all, the big guy turns 75 next month.

…but a few wrinkles didn’t hold the Man in Red back when the talent scouts came to town.

The folks with the maurices women’s fashion stores were putting together their holiday ad campaign and chose three Christmas-themed towns for their "Hometown Holidays" fashion shoot.

Thing is, you have to back-time this sort of thing.

So the lovely models were bundling up in sweaters, scarves and mittens … in August.

Here they are, on a blistering hot day. Those poor models! Some even had ice packs down the backs of their wooly sweaters.

The second the photographer finished taking shots at a certain angle, he’d bellow, "SHADE!" and a grip would dash over to hold a fashionable parasol over the model’s head.

maurices fashion shoot

It was such a neat trick, I went ahead and tried it.



Sigh. Was worth a try, though.

The crew was great and the models friendly and patient. They quickly moved around town to capture the Santa’s Great Big LED Tree of Lights, Frosty’s Fun Center, Santa’s Candy Castle and Santa’s Lodge.

And look what was mailed out to 2.2 million fashionistas this week:

Our Santa statue made the cover of this mailer!

The maurices chain is in 44 states, with more than 750 stores.

Here’s another portion of the direct-mail flyer:

"Gosh it's hot here in Santa Claus!"

Meanwhile, the Santa statue will get a two-month restoration next summer. Not exactly a face lift or tummy tuck, but his "procedures" will be sure to keep him standing proud here in town for another 75 years.


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