It’s time to walk the red carpet…

Did you know Holiday World was the first park to host the Golden Ticket Awards, back in 2001? The Golden Ticket Awards are the amusement/water park industry’s version of the Academy Awards.

The 2010 awards will be announced this evening; the host park this year is Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

And look who’s there:

From left, you’ll recognize Pat Koch, then Lane Nelson from Waldameer Park. That tall fellow is William Koch III and next is his mom, Lori.

Getting ready for the Golden Ticket Awards

It’s time for the reception (which is before the dinner) before the awards ceremony.

Isn’t this pretty? William is a really good photographer, just like his dad.

Gorgeous ice sculpture for the GTAs!

And here’s a photo (thanks to our friend Jeffrey from Schlitterbahn Water Park) of Pat, Lori and William.

Pat, Lori and William Koch at the Golden Ticket Awards.

We’ll tweet about any awards we get and will post on our Facebook page, too. Good luck to all the parks!

“#1 Fan” Video Contest: our first finalist

Our first winning video features a young fellow by the name of Mark.

He's five.

Mark's dad, Eric, entered these 57 seconds of cuteness in our month-long video contest. This self-proclaimed "#1 Fan" measures his fun in inches. Take a look:

Eric's winning video gets him two one-day tickets … plus the video is now a finalist for our grand prize of four season passes for the 2011 season.

Are you our #1 Fan? There will be three more weekly winners. Take a look here for all the rules.

Oh, and if you already sent us a YouTube video link by email, don't worry — you're automatically entered in next week's contest.

Good luck!

Are YOU our #1 Fan?

Whether it's on Facebook, by email, or in person, we hear it over and over, "I'm your #1 fan!"

That's always great to hear.

Fans are certainly a good thing to have (especially during this summer's heat wave!).

Do you consider yourself our #1 Fan?

Lots of folks claim to be … here's a way to prove it, and maybe even win tickets or 2011 season passes!

Here are the Rules:
1. Make a video (60 seconds or less) telling us why you’re our #1 Fan.
2. Post your video on YouTube and email us the link (
3. Each week between September 1 and September 29, 2010, we will choose one winner from all the video entries posted over the past week. Each week’s winner will receive two one-day tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.
4. On September 30, we will post the four winning videos on our HoliBlog, and everyone is invited to vote for their favorite. The voting will last until 2:00 pm CDT on Wednesday, October 6, 2010.
5. The overall winner (the video with the most votes) will receive four 2011 Season Passes.
6. Must be 18 or older to enter.
7. Videos 61 seconds and longer will be disqualified. Please, keep videos to one minute or less.
8. Just like the park … keep it clean and friendly! And please have fun with this!
9. By entering your video, you are giving Holiday World permission to post it on our HoliBlog and other social media.
10. Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and their immediate family members are not eligible.
11. Judges’ decisions are final.
12. Good luck!

Footage from 1968 sparks interest in visiting park

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to convert her parents’ old family vacation movies
to DVD. As we watched, we started seeing footage of my wife when she was only a few
years old on a family vacation at Santa Claus Land. This footage was from1968.

After watching that video, we became interested bringing our family to this park. So, this past
weekend, we decided to take our little girls to Holiday World.

I am writing this email because our entire family was so impressed with your park. We have
visited other parks (Six Flags, etc.), but Holiday World is definitely a few steps above.

The main thing that your park offers that the others don’t is that it has a family-feel to it- it doesn’t seem like just another corporate business. You make customers feel that your primary goal is to help families enjoy themselves. Additionally, you add those special little touches (like the blue awnings which provide a bit of shade) which make the experience even more comfortable.

Thank you for keeping families in the forefront of your business, and as parents we are happy to
pass the Holiday World tradition to our children.

Like my 8 year old said as we were leaving the park, "Holiday World is the best!"

Eric and Pam D.
Bloomington, Illinois

The Holiday World Song

Who *are* these guys?

We didn’t catch their names, but are sure glad Tyler from our Training & Development department captured this street performance on video for us.

Santa’s leaky boot

Mrs. Koch really got a kick out of this.

In Kringle's Kafe, there are quite a few depictions of The Man in Red.

One in particular took a tumble recently.

Santa's boot


But Santa kept his head held high …


…along with his sense of humor!

Will Work for New Boot!

“Outstanding venue”

We visited your park in July this year. Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for an outstanding venue. We were there with 4 children ranging in ages from 19 to 10 – there was plenty for everyone to do.
The park was clean, staff was pleasant and professional.
We were especially impressed with the extra help the waterpark staff took trying to locate my husband’s glasses and with the speed with which we observed one of the guards respond to a visitor in distress.
The free beverages were a wonderful bonus – and a great help considering the hot weather.
Again, thank you for a fun vacation.
Tamisyn G.

Let’s pause and remember…

…what it was like just six months ago.

Winter at Holiday World

Please remember to stay hydrated on these hot days!

“Blown away by my experience!”

I visited Holiday World for the first time this past Tuesday and was (still am!) blown away by my experience.
My husband and I love amusement parks and grew up near Cedar Point. I love the coasters that Cedar Point offers and even some of the shows but was so blown away at the cleanliness and friendliness of Holiday World!
The park seems to be in tip-top shape and the employees and guests were all so friendly and sweet!
The free drinks and sunscreen were, of course, a plus. The two of us would have spent about $30 on drinks for a day at another park.
I was also so surprised that you offer vegetarian items and I actually really enjoyed the spicy black bean burger and the corn on the cob. The prices were reasonable and I actually felt like I had a quality meal rather than just a bunch of junk food making me sick to my stomach.
I was even impressed that not only did we get free parking, but we even had a shuttle to take us back and forth from the parking!
Best of all, the rides were so much fun!!
I just wanted to write to you and thank you for not making your guests feel like they are being taken advantage of in every possible way. Instead, it felt like you genuinely want your guests to have a great experience.
My only complaint would be that I wish you stayed open later in the day…we would have liked to extended our stay. We had so much fun and are hoping to come back again this year. It was like a one-day vacation that we can always remember.
I hope Holiday World never loses its charm.
Cortney B.
Louisville, Kentucky

“Good job, good job!”

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your life guard staff two weeks ago when we were at Holiday World.
It was extremely hot both days and crowded. In the wave pool alone, I witnessed them pull four out of the water. The victims were not drowning but was becoming overwhelmed and without there help they could have drowned. 
Then to your medical staff. I was in line for the RAVEN and a teenage girl collapsed of heat exhaustion. I am a police officer so my training kicked in as I was making everyone move back, your staff was observant enough to arrive and take over before we had a chance to call them. GOOD JOB!!! Instead of them chit chatting between coaster loads, they were being observant of the crowds. The staff member that came to the girl’s aid first was awesome and then within minutes an EMT arrived. GOOD JOB!!!!!

With this type of attention it makes me feel safe to know that my children will be very well guarded when I cannot always see them while there at Holiday World.

So thank you for another great visit.

Chris C.

Indianapolis, Indiana