A Swede Christmas message

It's pretty difficult to complain about your job when you work at a theme park. We're in the business of "fun," after all. And it is…

We have the added benefit of getting to meet "park people" from all over the world. We share stories and advice and forge lifelong friendships.

Peter and Annika, for example, are from Grona Lund park in Stockholm. They visited us back in the fall during the Golden Ticket Awards weekend.

Annika sent this cute e-card to us, and said it was fine to share.

And, thanks to Google Translate, we can wish back to them: God Jul!

Greetings from Grona Lund park

Are you a Stephen Colbert fan?

Will on The Colbert Report

In case you missed it back in 2006, our town was featured as part of The Colbert Report’s “Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude” series. We have the video to prove it!

Colbert set up a Lincoln-versus-Santa debate, with two representatives from our county.

The show’s producers chose Will to be the “Santa Guy.” Local historian Jerry Sanders was the “Lincoln Guy.”

Will on The Colbert Report

Poor Will – during the satellite interview, his audio earpiece worked sporadically at best. During much of the interview he had a quizzical look on his face. It played well, though. Colbert was delighted.

Meanwhile, the towns of Santa Claus and Lincoln City continue to coexist peacefully, just four miles apart, despite what that troublemaker Colbert was trying to stir up five years ago. It was a fun experience and it’s now a Christmas tradition for all of us here at the park to watch the video each year.

Want to learn about the month-long craziness brought on by “Steve”? Click on our Colbert Report tag to read all of our posts.

Claus the cat

It you like cats, you won't want to miss this great story. It arrived in my Inbox as a Google Alert this morning, since the park is mentioned at the very end.

But it's really all about Claus.

This HoliBlog post first appeared on 12/20/08.

Don’t worry, Santa … I believe in you!

Today’s Letter to Santa is from 1998. Chelsea has hit that age, it seems, when some believers start to waiver. This compassionate little girl assures St. Nick, "Don’t worry …"

Do you believe?

Letter from Chelsea

An elfen question for Santa

Fifteen years ago, younger Jennifer had some pressing questions for Santa. First of all, is there a Plan B if Santa's a bit under the weather on December 24?

And then there's that age-old "is it the shoes or the toes" question …

Does Santa have a Plan B?

Still need to send your Letters to Santa? Please get them in the mail early this week. Those pointy-toed/point-shoed Elves are working hard to make sure Santa sends a personal reply to each: Santa Claus, PO Box 1, Santa Claus IN 47579.

But, Santa … why coal?

Our collection of Letters to Santa from over the decades includes so much more than requests for gifts. Some children are just bursting with questions.

This young lady had several:

Letter to Santa

Children who’d like to write to Santa may send their letters to Santa Claus, PO Box 1, Santa Claus IN 47579. Letters received by December 18 will receive a personal reply, thanks to Santa’s Elves.

So who’s in the “mail room”?

There are so many stories about famous, successful folks who have “worked their way up” in the world. It seems they all got their start in the mail room.

That’s not exactly what’s happened with Amanda, but she has impressed us for years as a seasonal employee who’s brought with her a happy smile and a determination to go above and beyond each day.

Our Communications Department was lucky that Amanda was available when we had a full-time opening recently. She’s jumped in and learned her off-season responsibilities and squeals in delight each time a HoliShop order dings in…

Santa Amanda

As a former Santa’s Helper out in the park, Amanda wasn’t shy about donning a Santa hat as she packed up orders yesterday.

Holidog ornamentI think this may be Amanda’s favorite ornament this year. She started out seasonally on the costumed character crew and just loved the hugging, fun dancing, and visiting with children. She’s a big Holidog fan.

For a limited time, we’re offering free postage on HoliShop orders of $25 and more. The online shop includes park souvenirs such as mugs, photo frames, hoodies, and even a piggy bank on clearance.

Other fun gifts for the uber fan are “coaster art” framed photos and gift sets. Mrs. Koch’s 60th Anniversary pictorial history book is paired with a BobblePat, for example. We also have DVDs of last year’s National Geographic Channel’s “World’s Biggest Fixes” episode shot here.

Amanda tries like the dickens to get orders sent out on the same day they’re placed. She’ll even track down Mrs. Koch (which isn’t easy in these days of being one of Santa’s Elves) for her to sign a book or bobble upon request.

Here’s one other neat souvenir ornament I wanted to show you. It celebrates our 65th season with our original ride, The Freedom Train, the park’s Santa statue, our Voyage roller coaster and the logos from Santa Claus Land and Holiday World.

65th anniversary ornament

Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Santa … I’m trying!

Isn't it amazing to think that 63 years ago a little girl in New Jersey sat down and wrote to Santa Claus … and that Santa saved her letter all these years?

Santa no doubt enjoyed Joan's short-and-sweet missive.

And her lack of an itemized list…

Dear Santa ...

This is a great week to write, as Santa's Elves are helping Santa answer children's letters through December 18. The address? Santa Claus, PO Box 1, Santa Claus IN 47579.

Have you seen this sweet video? Santa didn't really lose any letters, he just wanted to visit with some of his pen pals now that they're all grown up:

Claus and effect

Over the years, Santa has been pulled into situations far more complicated than simple acts of Christmas kindness. But as any parent knows only too well, when it comes to potty training, no level of motivation is off the changing table.

Letter to Santa from Florida