By Paula @ Holiday World

When the snow falls in the town of Santa Claus … a lot of Santa statues get snowy.

Felt so sorry for this fellow that I took off one of my gloves and used it to clear the snow from his eyes (you probably recognize Santa from our Christmas Plaza — he’s considerably taller than me, so I could only reach his eyes by standing on tip-toes and fwapping my red leather glove back and forth).

Worried a bit at first he might think I was challenging him to a duel, but he was very understanding.

And grateful.

Santa in the snow

Since I was so up-close-and-personal with the jolly gent, I got an eyeful of my own. A good inch or two of snow was resting a-top his snowy-white beard.

I don’t know exactly why, but it made me think of those Chia Pets that get marched out each Christmas shopping season. Only white.

And now that jingle is stuck in my head: Sa-sa-sa-Santa!

It's so fluffy!

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