Mrs. Koch, a stand-up lady

This morning, a TV crew came to the park to interview Mrs. Koch about her induction into the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame.

As they were fussing to balance their lighting angles, she just couldn’t help herself…

"Wow. This is taking more preparation than for my colonscopy yesterday!"

Well, that more than broke the ice. 

And she was off to the races…

"Before they started. they asked me to show a photo i.d. Like I would try to sneak in to get a colonoscopy? Who does that?!"

All work stopped.

"And why do they make you drink that horrible stuff? All I would need is a bowl of onion soup. That would do the trick just as well."

Mrs. Koch, you should do stand up…

Somehow the concept of a colonoscopy patient standing up to crack jokes made us laugh even harder. She told us eventually her doctor asked her to … well … hush.

Pat Koch

But how could we hush a woman who’d just received news that she was cancer-free for a full decade?

We’re so grateful Mrs. Koch was able to overcome her colon cancer in 2001. And we can’t help but agree with her declaration that "whoever finally invents a better way to do a colonoscopy will win a Nobel Peace Prize!"


“Whatever you are, be a good one”

One of those funny little coincidences in life — when I gave Will a plaque bearing that Abraham Lincoln quote for Christmas a few years ago, I had no idea it was his favorite.

Will was such a fan of our 16th president.

In fact, he was a bit fanatical.

I'll never forget the year we were working to help get the nearby Lincoln Amphitheatre reopened with a new show about Mr. Lincoln.

Lincoln City, where young Abraham lived from the time he was seven until he was 21, is just four miles west of us and it would be mighty tough not to be proud of the fact that Abe's character was forged here in southern Indiana.

I vividly remember Will rushing into the office day after day, arms overflowing with books. Will Koch, tweeting about his love of Lincoln

Books about Lincoln.

Will was bursting with excitement and couldn't wait to share what he'd learned. Lincoln was his kind of guy.

I daresay Will would have been Lincoln's kind of guy, too.

At a Lincoln meeting one day in 2008, a board member brought out a beard and stovepipe hat. Will immediately donned both and tweeted about it.

This morning, the Koch family announced a $25,000 donation to the Lincoln Amphitheatre in memory of Will, whose untimely death last June left the organization without its president and one of its top supporters.

They're hoping the many, many friends and … well, you were all his friends, would consider making a modest donation in Will's memory to help boost their gift to $50,000.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

Visionary, philanthropist, mentor, leader, husband, father, son, brother, friend.

Will was a good one.

More letters than in the alphabet

Every spring, Mrs. Koch hops in the car and drives north.

All the way to North Daviess Elementary School.


One of our wonderful seasonal employees is a teacher there and Mrs. Koch figures if that employee can make the 90-minute drive to work every day over the summer, Mrs. Koch can make the drive every spring to read to the fourth graders.

A week or so after her fun visit, the packet of letters arrives.

Thank-you letters.

Letters for Mrs. Koch!Here are just a few:

Thank you for coming down to read us a story.  Your schedule is probably packed with stuff to do and I’m glad that you could fit a story in. I hope to see you at Holiday World.Morgan O.

Thank you so much for reading. You are so very sweet. You took time to come down here in the fog. Thank you so very much. Sincerely, Andrea

Thank you for driving in the horrible fog to read us
The Keeper. It brightened my day. Ashtin W.

Thank you for coming in to read to us. You wouldn’t guess how much I liked it. It was very interesting. I like how you read the story with great expression. I hope you can come back next year so you can read this story to the coming 4th grade. Thanks again for your time you put into this.
Sincerely, Tyler W.

I think you should keep on reading
The Keeper every year because the way you read it is as incretable as our library teacher. Thank you again for reading The Keeper. And you are #1 for family fun.Evan K.