By Paula @ Holiday World

Every spring, Mrs. Koch hops in the car and drives north.

All the way to North Daviess Elementary School.


One of our wonderful seasonal employees is a teacher there and Mrs. Koch figures if that employee can make the 90-minute drive to work every day over the summer, Mrs. Koch can make the drive every spring to read to the fourth graders.

A week or so after her fun visit, the packet of letters arrives.

Thank-you letters.

Here are just a few:

Thank you for coming down to read us a story.  Your schedule is probably packed with stuff to do and I’m glad that you could fit a story in. I hope to see you at Holiday World.Morgan O.

Thank you so much for reading. You are so very sweet. You took time to come down here in the fog. Thank you so very much. Sincerely, Andrea

Thank you for driving in the horrible fog to read us
The Keeper. It brightened my day. Ashtin W.

Thank you for coming in to read to us. You wouldn’t guess how much I liked it. It was very interesting. I like how you read the story with great expression. I hope you can come back next year so you can read this story to the coming 4th grade. Thanks again for your time you put into this.
Sincerely, Tyler W.

I think you should keep on reading
The Keeper every year because the way you read it is as incretable as our library teacher. Thank you again for reading The Keeper. And you are #1 for family fun.Evan K.


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