By Paula @ Holiday World

This morning, a TV crew came to the park to interview Mrs. Koch about her induction into the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame.

As they were fussing to balance their lighting angles, she just couldn’t help herself…

"Wow. This is taking more preparation than for my colonscopy yesterday!"

Well, that more than broke the ice. 

And she was off to the races…

"Before they started. they asked me to show a photo i.d. Like I would try to sneak in to get a colonoscopy? Who does that?!"

All work stopped.

"And why do they make you drink that horrible stuff? All I would need is a bowl of onion soup. That would do the trick just as well."

Mrs. Koch, you should do stand up…

Somehow the concept of a colonoscopy patient standing up to crack jokes made us laugh even harder. She told us eventually her doctor asked her to … well … hush.

Pat Koch

But how could we hush a woman who’d just received news that she was cancer-free for a full decade?

We’re so grateful Mrs. Koch was able to overcome her colon cancer in 2001. And we can’t help but agree with her declaration that "whoever finally invents a better way to do a colonoscopy will win a Nobel Peace Prize!"


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