By Paula @ Holiday World

It's one thing to expect employees to be capable of operating equipment as befitting their job descriptions.

…but Gary had quite a "driving test" lined up for him last week.

As you may recall, we're adding a shade structure to the Wildebeest queue this season.

Crews are pouring the cement footers for the shade supports, but few jobs come without a challenge. Because of the remote location of the work, concrete is having to be ferried by the bucketful (or rather, front-end-loader-ful) around the Bahari Wave Pool and up into the queue at Wildebeest.

Witnessing Gary's steady hand coaxing the Bobcat up the ramp and down again in reverse was like watching someone thread a giant needle without even squinting. There was no spilled concrete and not even a scratch on the Wildebeest queue.

Wonder if he can parallel park that thing?

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