By Paula @ Holiday World

Did you catch a look at the funky picture Nathan took for the first week of our "Where-Are-We? Wednesday" contest?

Funky cropping, actually.

Here's the photo. Look familiar?

The challenge was to quickly identify and email us with the name of what the heck that is, along with where it is in the park.

We very quickly received more than 500 entries, many of them incorrect (sorry, this is not one of the birds at Eagle's Flight — but good guess!).

Other top guesses were the Star Spangled Carousel and the Udderly Blue Ice Cream stand.

The entries came from states as varied as Iowa, Mississippi and Michigan, plus Canada.

But the winners (the first three correct answers) were from states we know quite well. Congrats to:

  • Katharine S. of Murphysboro, Illinois
  • Korri I. of Union, Kentucky
  • Jennifer B. of Springport, Indiana

Congratulations to Katharine, Korri and Jennifer, who each knew this week's photo was a cropped seahorse eyeball:

This is the Dasher's Seahorses ride from Rudolph's Reindeer Ranch in our Christmas section.

This week's winners each receive two one-day tickets to use this season.

If you'd like to play, too, please sign up for our free newsletter. We'll send out another fun photo next Wednesday.

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2 Responses to “The “eyes” have it…”

  1. Anonymous

    to be fair you have to draw from a list of correct entries, not "be the first"  – the reason is (legally) you cannot guarantee fair and simultaneous delivery; and because equal opportunity access (speed) is not possible.

    But I do love "where are we wednesdays!" and am a long time season ticket holder.  Steven, Corydon, IN

  2. HoliBlog

    Agreed — we want to be fair! We went with “first three correct” for the first week and this week it’s “first, seventh and 65th correct.” (We’ll do something different next week.) Our first week’s bamfoozled a lot of folks, so there was plenty of time to email a correct guess. We’re also sending the newsletter during a different day-part each week, to add to the fairness. Thanks for your feedback!