By Paula @ Holiday World

On Saturday, Mrs. Koch was conducting a site inspection to make sure everything was ready for the next new-hires Orientation session.

Nathan happened by, heard her voice, and stood poised, ready to snap her picture when she came out…

Mrs. Koch, following a rest-room inspection …of the Mens Room!

She's smiling, so that must mean the restrooms were clean to her satisfaction.


Years ago, Mrs. Koch told me she sees this park as an extension of her home.

Could you imagine inviting friends over and not checking first to make sure the bathroom was properly picked up, stocked up, and, um … non-stinky?

I had a call today from a TV station pitching an idea for "sweeps week" and automatically thought of Mrs. Koch and her broom. Not sure that was what the caller was referring to, though…

As the clock ticks closer to Opening Day, we are getting so excited about seeing so many old friends (and making new ones).

One last thought … don't forget to send us an email or video pitch about why you and your family should be chosen to join us for one (or both) of the Travel Channel shoots for the "Bert the Conqueror" episode that are coming up next month. All the details are here on an earlier HoliBlog post.

Good luck!





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