By Paula @ Holiday World

As a child, growing up far, far away from the town of Santa Claus, it just didn't seem right.

There was some other guy claiming "ho-ho-ho" as his own on TV.

Remember him?

I had to go back and find the commercial and double-check:

Indeed. That Green Giant canned vegetable guy stole Santa's iconic line …er, laugh.

And that's the answer, sort of, to this week's "Where are we? Wednesday" photo contest.

Here's the closely cropped photo:

The giant from Jack & the Beanstalk

Most of you thought our photo was taken from the Freedom Train in Mother Goose Land in the 4th of July section. Guesses ranged from some trim on Little Bo Peep’s dress (unbelievable she’s still looking for those sheep after nearly 65 years) to the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (some kids just never grown up!).

This week’s photo was actually a close-up of some trim on the giant’s jacket in the Jack and the Beanstalk tableau.

Just for fun, here's a photo of the giant from when we were Santa Claus Land (pre-1984),

And look in the background, see the old water tower? It was so cute in those days, with Santa's face painted on it and the vertical center pipe was painted like a candy cane. But it's been out of service for a number of years and was dismantled this week.

From the Santa Claus Land days...

Back to our contest…

Congratulations to our three winners, who each receive two one-day tickets:

  •  Kim M. of Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Jennifer L. of Lamar, Ind.
  • Shawn B. of Louisville, Ky.

We have one last "Where Are We? Wednesday" challenge coming up in our newsletter next week. Good luck!

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