By Paula @ Holiday World

Not that we like keeping secrets, but sometimes we just have to…

For example, last fall we were contacted by folks representing a soft-drink giant.

They were contacting communities all over the nation which help Santa answer children’s letters each December.

When they found us, they knew their search was over.

Not only has the town helped Santa to answer children’s letters for nearly a century, we’re home to the Santa Claus Museum and a group called the Santa’s Elves.

The head elf, of course, is our own Pat Koch.

The premise for this project was to discover "forgotten" letters to Santa written long ago.

Our challenge was to find the adults who’d written the letters decades before and to get their permission to share their contact information with the production crew. All this without spilling the beans about what was about to happen.

It took several weeks in December and some sleuthing, but we got it done!

And now we can talk about it. The soft-drink giant wanted to produce a video called "Santa’s Forgotten Letters."

Here’s the video, just released on YouTube. (Might want to grab a tissue before clicking the start button.)

If you enjoy watching it, please "like" it, post a comment, and help us spread the word.

Wouldn’t it be something if this video would turn out to be just the first episode in a series?

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