By Paula @ Holiday World

First-time guest of your park today…drove kids in school on reward trip. 

Wow, am I impressed! You all need to take over Kentucky Kingdom and make that place the same kind of winning business you have in Santa Claus. 

All staff were very professional, helpful, and courteous, many going out of their way to say hello and to see how I was doing.

The park was impeccable in its appearance. Clean areas, well manicured, and bathrooms were all clean. 

Today was a great day for you all because you were prepared, dedicated to do a great job for your patrons, and were all seemingly committed to a common goal of ensuring each person had a fabulous day for their money spent. 

My lunch (a grilled chicken salad) was well above the quality I expected and was reasonably priced. 

I was most taken and completely thrilled to see your Lincoln exhibit.  You can effectively incorporate these astounding museum pieces with a theme park. 

I am 54 and not a big fan of these parks, but I will recommend yours to those who do enjoy them and do want to compliment you all on an obviously well-managed park.  My wife and I will likely make a return visit this summer–thanks for your care and hospitality!  


Major Pat A., USAF (Ret)

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