By Paula @ Holiday World

This week’s "Prize Pics Wednesday" proved to be the most popular ever; more than 650 of you guessed where Domo was hanging out this week.

Domo (a prize at one of our skill Games this season) must have known sunshine and warmth was headed our way for Memorial Day weekend! We caught him scaling the stairs, reaching the top of the 10-story tall ZOOMbabwe waterslide.

Domo overlooks Splashin' Safari

Based on his grimace, we think he might be just a little nervous (but excited) to try out the World’s Largest Enclosed Waterslide! Nearly 900-feet long, ZOOMbabwe practically threw Domo for a loop with all those twists and turns in complete darkness.

Congratulations to this week’s winners; a pair of park tickets go to the 10th, 20th and 30th correct answers we received:

  • Deborah O. of Red Bud, Illinois
  • Melanie R. of Olney, Illinois
  • Kristine S. of Stewardson, Illinois

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