By Paula @ Holiday World

My two sisters, cousin and myself came to Holiday World for a women’s weekend getaway. It is hard for the four of us to get together and spend time with each other without our husbands and kids. This was a much needed trip for us.
I can not tell you how pleased we were with the amusement park and water park. We said over and over how clean the park was and how friendly everybody was being.
The free drinks were awesome!
We are already looking forward to coming back and bringing the kids with us this time. We could not believe how kid friendly not only the amusement park is but also the water park.
We also got to meet Pat Koch!!! We had talked about her all weekend from seeing her on the commercials and then we ran right into her.
I won’t keep you any longer, I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful weekend we had thanks to you all.
Keep up the good work!!!
Thank you,

Martha P.
Columbia, Tennessee

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