By Paula @ Holiday World

Popping open the contest email box, the voice of Shaggy rang out in my head: “Like, wow!”

Those who participated in this week’s Prize Pics Wednesday contest were hot on the trail of clues. In fact, it looks like most of you could easily be members of the wisecracking Mystery, Incorporated gang, solving where exactly ol’ Scoob was.

Where's Scooby?

On Wednesday, Scooby-Doo (who normally hangs out in the prize bin at the Big Crane Game) looked at home in Holiday World’s Halloween section.

Scooby was catching some sunshine and lounging on the deck of the High Dive Theater, home to our ever-popular DIVE show.

Heeeeeere's Scooby!

Congratulations to our three Scooby Snack (er…ticket) recipients this week:

  • Linda C. of West Frankfort, Illinois
  • Kaci A. of Owensboro, Kentucky
  • Tricia E. of Vandalia, Illinois

As Freddy would say, “Well gang, I guess that wraps up the mystery.” I feel more like Shaggy though: “Zoinks! Now we have to get ready for next week’s Prize Pics contest!” (Where is my Mystery Machine anyway?)

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