By Paula @ Holiday World

Two years ago, we hosted a production crew from National Geographic Channel.

They were here from the show "World’s Toughest Fixes" to document construction of Wildebeest, which became their "Ultimate Water Ride" episode.

Every half-hour or so the field producer, Pete, would ask the crew, "Do you want to use the GoPro?

Eventually, I just had to ask, "Pete … what the heck are you talking about? What’s a GoPro?"

Pete was like a kid in a candy shop. "Oh, you’ve got to see this — it’s the coolest thing! You need one of these."

A GoPro is a tiny camera that can be used to shoot point-of-view footage. You can strap it on a hat or helmet, on the front of a ride, vehicle or person … the possibilities are endless.

Another crew used a GoPro to shoot this Wildebeest video when we opened the world’s longest water coaster last season. Cool, huh?

It’s kind of handy working at a place where you have access to Santa every day. And for Christmas, the PR department did, indeed, receive our very own GoPro.

We’ll be using it a lot this season. Here’s the results of the first use … we asked the professionals who provided our fireworks extravaganza on the 4th of July if one of them would be okay with us strapping our GoPro on their hardhat.

And here are the results:

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