By Paula @ Holiday World

When Rand McNally and USA Today announced they were searching for the Most Fun Small Town in the U.S., we immediately thought of … well, us.

Not to be too full of ourselves, but over the past 65 years, we’ve pretty well figured out how to havefun.

When Santa Claus was named a Finalist Town and we were notified that our pair of judges was a Mother/Daughter Team from Denver,  it simply jingled our bells.

Traveling Jules & Joan came to see us last week. What a blast!

Joan was a great sport, valiantly trying to keep up with her energetic daughter.

She impressed us all by riding Voyage with Jules (who was delighted to learn she has great coaster hair) right after enjoying a Thanksgiving feast at our Plymouth Rock Cafe.

Traveling Jules & Joan

…and from Voyage, on to Wildebeest.

Here’s their Santa Claus, Christmas in July video showing our two new friends enjoying all the fun our town offers:


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