By Paula @ Holiday World

Talk about the dog days of summer.


Just saw a post on our Facebook page, praising the helpfulness and friendliness of our staff, even in this tough weather.

I feel like a bum, sitting here in my air-conditioned office while hundreds of our Hosts and Hostesses are out in the park doing the real work. But at least I can use this place of comfort to praise the efforts of the good folks who are out in the heat taking care of our park guests.

Here’s a little something Lori, our water-park director, does to help her staff:

Cooling off

Or actually, she’s sharing with a Foods employee in the above photo.

Here’s one of her crew members:

Cooling off!

Something as simple as a frozen ice pop can make such a difference on a hot day.

Especially when you get a choice of flavors.

Cool it!

So who’s watching the water while the lifeguards take a cool-it break?

Lori and her other managers step in to guard.

Here they are at Bahari Wave Pool:

Cooling off at work

Please remember if you visit during these "dog days":

  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink water and Gatorade (don’t wait till you feel thirsty)
  • Use sunscreen and rub it in -reapply often
  • Pace yourself and be sure to take breaks in the shade and air-conditioning


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