By Paula @ Holiday World

Here in the Public Relations department, we sign up for all kinds of e-newsletters from various social media gurus.

It’s simply not possible to read every advice column, but one caught our eye a month or so ago.


Well … it involved a competition (we’re very competitive) and food (we’re always hungry, too).

The concept was simple: round up your interns and have them come up with a clever begging-for-breakfast photo to submit to the Little Debbie’s "Intern Heroes" contest.

The program’s slogan is: "go from Intern to WINtern." Sounded a bit Charlie Sheen-esque, but we went for it.

And we won!

Holiday World interns beg for goodies

Our marketing interns were delighted. (PR Intern Leah took the winning photo, by the way.)

And the goodies arrived this week.

Not only a bunch of Little Debbie’s breakfast treats, but … cool swag!

Swag from Little Debbie's

Little stress-ball trophies, tiny frisbees, notepads … look how happy the interns are!

And then on to the real prize:

Goodies from Little Debbie's

Congrats to our interns – and all the interns around the country who played, too.

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