By Paula @ Holiday World

When our friends at State Tourism asked if a group of students from Ball State University could spend a day with us shooting a video, it sounded like a pretty good idea.

Boy, were we ever wrong…

…it was a great idea!

(Faked you out, there, didn’t I?)

Here’s the result of their effort, using very cool "tift shift" photography:

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25 Responses to “A slightly tilted birds-eye view”

  1. Anonymous

    I recently visited the park with 3 of my friends.  One friend is handicapped, uses an electric scooter, has a trach and oxygen. Just wanted someone to know that the park is the best around. There wasnt any shop or game that she couldnt get to. Everyone was very friendly and offered assistance frequently. She cant drink anything carbonated but loves to chew on ice and drink ice water both were in abundance. I won our tickets from a giveaway at washington county fair, the leader newspaper office. At first i was unsure about going but after our visit we will definatly be back.  The two teenagers that were with me had a blast. Everyone around looked happy.  The atmosphere was awesome. The park was very clean. Basically i cant say enough good things about the park. Would highly recommend it to anyone around.  This park is definatly work the money. Free drinks, free sunscreen, free parking….u just cant beat that. We will be back next year , cant wait for the new ride.  Thanks for all your hard work. It doesnt go unnoticed.                                   Sheila Campbell  Scottsburg Indiana



  2. Anonymous

    My family and I love your park ! We dont have much money so we only get to come there every other year ! We absolutly love Holiday World and Splashin Safarri !!!!

  3. jerry.yarnetsky

    I hope the students all got As wth extra credit and free soft drinks to boot. Then again, knowing Holiday World the free soft drinks is a given :)

  4. Eli I. Hopf

    My family and I love both parks.The video was very cool.We can go to the park every year.It is Great! smiley


  5. Essence

    I went there last year and had the best time ever!Were going again this year.

  6. Stephanie Alvey

    I know of five teens who are carpooling to Holiday this year and I am wondering why? These kids will have to pay the gas so they are able to go to work. The busses come right past the Rockport exit could it not stop at the hotel or even stop at the Lincon Center and pick them up. It would be so much easier for all of them and their rides if they had a bus stop in or closer to Rockport.

  7. Heather Williamson

    Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari is the #1 place for family fun! NOBODY can beat the free parking, free sunscreen, the awesome rides and who doesn’t love the Pepsi Oasis?!! God willing we’ll be there over Fathers Day weekend again this year!
    New Whiteland, Indiana

  8. Megan

    Okay,well my Dad and I are both going together,and it’s just us. Im really not sure if I want to go on a 2 day trip with just him. I mean, I love him and all, but I feel we won’t have fun together. I wanted to bring a friend, but she couldn’t go. So I have a question—Is it fun without a friend,with just your parents?

  9. Carrie Becton

    We first discovered Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari four years ago. We have been back every year since. Absolutely love it. I also like the new Holicash on the bracelet. I would love to see the bracelet also unlock the lockers. It would be great to be completely hands free. You had a great idea for the money now if there was one to be keyless also. Great idea when you spend all day at the water park.

  10. Raven

    My family loved Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari so much we are going again this year!! All I can say is it is a great family park!

  11. Rachel

    I had so much fun with my family! I have gone every year for six years and this was my fabvorite year yet!

  12. Mary Ann

    Hello Holiday World!
    I came to your site to check out what you have for my Grandbabies coming home from Germany for the first time in 4 years!! I told their Mommy, PaPaw and I would take them to your park when they come home and sent them the link. Needless to say, they are VERY EXCITED!! There are 3 boys, ages 5, 4, and 2 yrs.
    I watched the video, which was GREAT and also read the story from one of the students which I found to be very useful because you see, I too am disabled and have a few special needs. Having said all this…..We are ALL really looking forward to coming to Holiday World and Splashin Safari!! Thanks to all for some great information for people like us that have never been there!
    See ya soon! Mary Ann – Louisville, KY

  13. liamlover66

    Hi, I am going to holiday world tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to space out the day and get to all the fun and daring things. I would also like some tips on the BEST rides to try. BTW i am all about some water rides and roller coasters so if anyone can give me some tips i would appreciate it! Thx

  14. Amy

    We’re thinking of bringing our 12 year old son there, but yet I’m disabled, & my husband isn’t able to walk much either. So being said we’d not really be able to walk much or ride much maybe a few water rides. Would our son & us still have a good time?????

  15. Love Holiday World

    We recently visited from Florida. The place is great. We love the new updates to the toddler water area since we visited last. All of the kids, babies to teenagers love to visit. All of these parks in Florida could learn a few things from visiting Holiday World. See you again next year.

  16. Mike Dietz

    This is my 30th year coming to Holiday World and my 13th year as a parent. MY daughter and I plan the family trip every year now and next Feb. we will add cabin stays to it (Rudolph Campground 3 days!) This park is awesome! Going to the park now for our 2 day visit!

  17. Mary

    if your dad will ride the rides and play in the water park you will have a great time. the park is the best.

  18. Mike Dietz

    THey do have electric buggies for 50 per day I believe and yes he will have so much fun that your will not be able to get him to shut up about it for days!