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Mrs. Koch was chuckling over this encounter from the other day.

Man in park: How many of you are there?

Mrs. Koch: Oh, gosh…I think we have hired about 1,700 seasonal hosts and hostesses this year. Isn't that incredible?

Man in park: No, that's not what I meant. How many of you are there?

Mrs. Koch: Full-time? Oh, we have close to 80 year-round staff members.

Man in park: No, no, no. You! How many of you are there? First I saw you at the front gate and then you were running a ride. At lunch I saw you in the kitchen cutting a pizza. And now it's time to go home and you're here at the front gate saying good-bye to everyone. How many of YOU are there?

Well, that just tickled Mrs. Koch no end.

(The above was first posted on 8/7/08)  Flash-forward to August of 2011 and we finally figured out a way to clone Mrs. Koch.

Sort of.

We've joked for years about creating a Pat Koch bobblehead.

And this year, we finally did it!

 Bobble bodies

In the spirit of The Legend, we start by showing you the headless version of the Pat Koch bobble, above.

Since she's our Queen of Clean, we modeled the bobblehead after a photo of Mrs. Koch sweeping up around the park.

Want to see the heads?

(Spoiler: It's more than a little creepy.)

A basket of Pat Koch heads

Two heads are better than one, right?

Oh, how Mrs. Koch laughed when she saw this basket full of her unpainted … um, heads.

When the head is added to the body, there's a little packing-foam scarf added, to keep each work of art scratch-free.

Painted Pat Koch bobbleheads

Although it took nearly the entire summer to get through each approval step in the BobblePat-creation process (we hope to have them on the shelves by Labor Day weekend), we did get an early model to auction at our HoliWood Nights event for coaster enthusiasts.

We were raising money for the Santa Claus Museum and offered not only the very first BobblePat, but also a tongue-in-cheek Certificate of Authenticity, to the highest bidder.

The auction was lively, with howls of laughter from Mrs. Koch encouraging the generous crowd.

In the end, Aaron from the great state of Washington won the auction, our gratitude, plus a big hug from the real-life Pat Koch.

Aaron and Pat

Not to worry if you aren't planning to visit us again this season, we have BobblePat available here in our online HoliShop.

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