By Paula @ Holiday World

It was getting close to bedtime for James last night. My second grader had grabbed a good book and made himself comfortable on Daddy’s side of the bed. (Stories from the good book, actually.)

It seemed a good time to sneak in for a cuddle, so I slipped in on my side and got ready for the uphill climb.

We have one of those "sleep number" beds. My husband, Gary, would be happy sleeping on a rock, so his side is set at 100 ("You sure it won’t go any higher?" he asks me all the time). I prefer a more moderate 45 or 55, so it was a bit of a heave-ho to make it over to James’s side.

I smoothly slid one of my arms under the lad’s head and the other I placed lightly across his belly. Not lightly enough, it turns out.

"Mom…the lapbar is too tight."

Originally posted 8/20/07

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2 Responses to “My coaster-crazy kid”

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been reading this blog since the start, and I do enjoy it – but I’ve noticed of late that you’ve reposted quite a few of the earlier stories. If that’s the plan from here on in, then I’ll take it out of my daily bookmarks. Let me know…

  2. HoliBlog

    Guessing maybe you missed this HoliBlog post: It explains that the first several years of HoliBlog posts were “lost” when we launched our current website (and changed blogging platforms) a few years ago. We continue to add new HoliBlog posts (we have two for today), but plan to continue sprinkling in the more popular “lost” posts from the past until we’ve saved the ones we wish to keep. Thanks for asking (and reading)! -Paula