By Paula @ Holiday World

Are you one of those people who easily takes on another’s accent?

It has something to do with empathy levels, I think.

Or maybe it’s just fun.

I remember, years ago, getting on an elevator with a person from the UK (England, that is … not an institute of higher learning in a bordering state).

He and I started chatting and all of a sudden I realized I was putting a bit of Brit into my conversation. I was mortified, concerned he’d think I was making fun of him.

Either he was used to it or just didn’t notice. Or perhaps he was just more polite than I appeared to be at the moment. An international incident averted.

A number of us have spent the week in Orlando, at the huge trade show for theme parks.

A group called the Coaster Crew asked to meet up with Dan at the ProSlide booth, to talk about Mammoth. When Dan came bounding over, ready for the video interview, it became immediately apparent he’d taken on ProSlide’s Canadian accent, eh?

Suddenly "about" was "a-boot" and our Mammoth "boats" were "boots."

And speaking of "boots," we’re curious to know your preferences. We’ve ordered six-passenger round boats, as pictured below, and there may also be an eight-passenger version – tobaggan-style, like on Wildbeest, but with riders positioned two across. Which do you think you’d prefer?

Mammoth boat

Please "vote" in our poll, below:

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