Some puppy love for Santa

Not every letter to Santa is a request for presents for that child. Sometimes the child has someone else in mind.

Letter to Santa

Have the children in your life written to Santa yet? Here’s his address: Santa Claus, PO Box 1, Santa Claus IN 47579. Merry Christmas!

A different sort of class project

We have a guest blogger today. Rides manager Lori had an interesting experience at the New Tech Institute in Evansville.

Eric (Director of Special Events), Cathy (Director of Cleaning) and I recently visited a class of sophomores who are studying Africa.

Instead of simply lecturing about the country and its culture, the instructors created an interesting group project.

The project was to design a theme park that could compete with Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari as well as reflect the culture and history of Africa. The students were to draw a map of their park to display attractions themed for some of Africa’s World Heritage sites.

The students did a fabulous job. We saw so many innovative ideas!

One group had created a monkey ride that carried riders in barrels and another had rides located on a star-shaped island. Several of the parks were actually “built” in the shape of Africa. One park even offered free soft drinks (hmmm…where’d they come up with that idea?).

After speaking with the different groups, we each choose our favorite park.

Cathy helps judge

Cathy, above, loved the comfortable seating options in one group and Eric, below, was all about the park that modeled closest to Holiday World.

Eric judges

My favorite design had themed sections from periods of Africa’s history. The group even drew their images by hand – and they were so detailed! It was wonderful to see so many neat ideas come together in the classroom – who knew a history project could be so much fun?

Lori judges

Blame it on Bobby

Here is another in our series of Letters to Santa from over the past century. Let's head back to 1967 for this first grader's request …

1968 Letter to Santa

Have the children in your life sent their letters yet? Here's the address: Santa Claus, PO Box 1, Santa Claus IN 47579. Please send soon!

Pause for the Claus

For 98 years, the folks in Santa Claus, Indiana, have helped their town’s namesake ensure that every child’s letter to Santa receives a personal reply.

Occasionally, those letters give us pause.

Pause for the Claus, if you will.

During this busy Christmas month, we’ll post some of the letters we’ve saved from over the years.

Let’s start with this letter from Timothy.

Apparently, Timothy is far more concerned with advising Santa than asking for presents:

Some friendly advice for Santa

If you’d like to see more letters, please check out the Santa Claus Museum’s website for their hours of operation; they also have a Facebook page.

A few off-season fireworks

There's nothing like fireworks to draw a crowd.

Even during Thanksgiving week.

What's not to love about fireworks?

Long-time HoliBlog readers will remember we posted a fireworks photo in 2005 just days before we announced that we would be adding a Thanksgiving-themed section and The Voyage roller coaster.

To me, this was a big ol' HoliHint. Looks sort of like an upside-down turkey, doesn't it?

Fireworks at Holiday World

When Eric, our special events director, notified the staff there would be a brief fireworks display being testing in the Raven Parking lot last week, he never dreamed how short the show would be.

Our fireworks vendor didn't waste any time starting – or ending – the demo. Communications manager Nathan had some fun saving the moment for posterity.