By Paula @ Holiday World

I think everyone knows we’re adding a Mammoth to our list of water-park rides in 2012, but that’s not the only critter we’re introducing in May.

Meet Holidog’s new friend … Kitty Claws.

Kitty Claws - new in 2012!

Kitty will join Holidog, Safari Sam and George the Eagle in May, with lots of hugs plus maybe even an occasional pirouette.

So what goes into designing a new park mascot? GM Matt shared the drawings (he has two young daughters, so you may see just a little of their influence as the design steps progress):

Kitty Claws design

We start out with an outline and a sketch

Here was the first rendition of Ms. Claws:

First sketch

At this point, she sort of looked like an Olympic runner (spoiler alert: and a human needs to comfortably fit inside), so we let out the seams a bit:

Kitty Claws design

Next, it was time to add some theming. Kitty Claws is a black cat from … Halloween!

Kitty Claws design

All Kitty Claws still needed was some fancy footwear … oh, and some eyelashes.

And here she is:

Kitty Claws!

Her tutu will not be quite as stiff as pictured; she’ll be all ready to hug lots of children this season.

Kitty Claws and Holidog promise to be good buddies — no chasing each other up the big Christmas tree in our entrance plaza!

We’d love to hear your reaction (try to keep it from being too … um … catty) – please post your feedback below.
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