By Paula @ Holiday World

During the winter months, we get asked "what exactly do you do when the park isn't open?" a lot.

A lot.

I often joke that we spend quite a bit of time going through the stacks in our offices, on a quest to rediscover the tops of our desks.

Special Events Director Eric, however, is doing just the opposite as he works on plans for our Happy Halloween Weekends.

Here's this story:

Planning for Happy Halloween WeekendsThe Halloween industry has been an interesting and sometimes spooky one to explore these past several years. 

As tends to happen to many of us here at the park, I get barraged with all the latest and greatest products and ideas in the industry. Only in my case, everything's Halloween themed; from the morbid and obscene to the happy and family friendly (though the latter are few and far between). 

Taking a look around my office, there's an energy drink that looks like a bag of B-negative blood hanging on my door, a portrait of Mona Lisa that turns into a zombie when you look at her just right on my file cabinet, and about 20 foam pumpkins along the back wall of my office. (No worries, the energy drink and Leonardo da Creepy products aren't what we have in mind for our family-friendly event in October.) 

Right now we're researching the latest in black light 3D glasses and paint. My desk is scattered with initial floor plan design concepts for one of our Happy Halloween Weekends additions, a 3D walkthrough attraction. 

Our team promises to share more information about this fun attraction as it comes together; for now we would be very interested in hearing what you'd like to see and experience. Please let us know by leaving a comment below or emailing us!



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