By Paula @ Holiday World

A wonderful grandma named Joy sent us this story:

Holidog!"My granddaughter is two and is in love with Holidog. She was having a little trouble with the idea of 'potty training' and I had the idea of telling her that Nana couldn't take her back until she could use the potty and 'go' like all the big people at Holiday World. Well, believe it or not she looked at me and said, 'Me go Holiday World, ride roller coasters.' And she has not had one accident since! As she goes into the restroom she continually says 'Holiday World – ride roller coasters!' It's so funny! I'm sure the kids who do the Holidog get very tired and hot, but I hope they realize what an impression they have on the young kids. Keep up the good work and Nana will be there the first day with all the grandkids! (Pray for me.) Ha-ha!"

Nana Joy, please tell your darling granddaughter that Holidog is very proud of her and can't wait to give her a big doggie hug next summer.

(Originally posted 12/30/08)

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