By Paula @ Holiday World

Earlier today we posted this rather interesting photo on our Facebook page and via Twitter.

Purple ... something


Didn't say what it was, of course. (What fun would that be?)

Lots of clever guesses were posted. Several matched my initial reaction – it sort of looks like we're painting all of our keyboards purple!

Other folks guessed we were painting our lockers, still others thought the boxes were napkin holders.

Here's a before photo. Same items, all prepped and ready for a new coat of paint.

Does this help?

Prepped and ready for paint


Well here's another "before" photo from the project.

Legend train parts!

Indeed, the Legend roller coaster trains are getting a heaping help of TLC this winter, including new paint.


Flying through the woods day after day can takes it toll on a coaster train, after all. Especially when there's some headless guy chasing after you …

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