By Paula @ Holiday World

When Nathan started posting photos of the town's 132-year-old church moving to its new home one-half mile away on the Santa Claus Museum's Facebook page, Sabine from Germany commented, "… in German we have a saying: 'carry the church around the village.'"

Indeed, Mrs. Koch's dream to carry the past into the future took flight yesterday.

The church's trip to its new home, nestled between the Santa Claus Museum and the newly-restored 1935 Santa statue, was a parade of sorts.

And a pilgrimage.

Nathan documented the trip in this moving video:


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3 Responses to ““Carry the church around the village””

  1. Dale Griepenstroh

    I am not crazy about the church being moved. My grandfather Rev. Chester Gaum was a minister there and my grandmother Alberta helped aquire a pump organ for the church. At least I think she learned to play it. My Brother Chip was married there. No I wish it was where it was at the bottom of the hill near the Candy Castle. I will have to research how this decision was reached before I would approve of what has been done. Of course I moved to CA, so I have little say, but it still surprises me…this too, like the church’s location, shall pass. Where is the organ?

  2. Daniel Koch

    Thank you to the Held family for being caretakers these last several years of the church. I am proud that we were able to move it, restore it and preserve it. I went to services there on Sundays when I was a kid. I loved attending Mass there. I understand the nostalgia of leaving it where it was, but the church found a happy new place high on the ground and we intend to give it another happy 132 years, when it will be 264 years old in the year 2144. I’m not making any promises beyond the year 2144. We will have to wait and see what happens in year 2145. Then I will start making promises about the church.