Kind words from a “Fool”

(In honor of April Fool's Day coming up on Sunday, let's repost this HoliBlog entry from 6/22/05)

According to today's column at The Motley Fool, a hugely popular investment site, our HoliHints: "…are being dispersed in magnetizing spoonfuls."

We're running a bit low on flatware, but will try to serve up another tidbit later today.

(An added note: Did you know we were the first park to blog? It was a bit of a rarity back in the spring of 2005; we've enjoyed sharing every bite!)

Make us LOL and you could win tickets

Today was a big day for these fellas …

What are they saying?

… these "dummies" caught the first flight of The Raven for the 2012 season.

Dummies? I think not!

To celebrate their raucous return to the station (and yes, they were armless pre-flight), let's give away a pair of tickets, shall we?

Take a look at these pasty-faced gents. The two in front look relaxed, if a bit stunned.

But those two in back – see how one is leaned in toward the other? What's that dummy saying?

It's "crunch time" here at the park, so we need a good laugh. Make us LOL and you could win a pair of tickets.

Here's what to do:

1. Give us sass. Give us silly. Give us snark. But keep your "Dummy Dialogue" family-friendly, okay?
2. We called it "Dummy Dialogue" because we have an unhealthy alliteration affinity (see?); it can be Dummy Monologue if you prefer. We like one-liners, too.
3. You must be 13 years old or older to be eligible.
4. Holiday World & Splashin' Safari employees (and their immediate family members) are not eligible. (Quit complaining! You earn plenty of free tickets during the season – let these other nice folks win some tickets once in a while.)
5. To enter, post your Dummy Dialogue as a comment here on this HoliBlog post. Don't worry if it doesn't show up right away, we moderate our comments. And we sometimes nap between 2 and 4am.
6. To be eligible, you must include your email address in the "email field." It won't show up publicly in your post, but it's how we'll notify you if you win.
7. Only one entry per blog "comment." If you're so incredibly witty that you have three entries, then you must post three separate comments. Don't get carried away, though; you're not that funny.
8. This contest runs through 12 noon CDT on Monday, April 2.
9. The judges' decision is final*.

* … and we're no dummies!


Spring gives us a big lift

Boy-oh-boy, this record weather is just incredible, isn't it? To think we were in the 80s on the last day of winter earlier this week simply boggles the mind.

The weather sure helps us in our getting-the-park-open activities, too.

Painters paint. Cleaners clean. And maintenance … well, they maintain.

Nathan happened to catch this unusual activity the other day:

Monsoon Lagoon

The Monsoon Lagoon bucket had some cosmetic work done on it over the winter, and it was time to hoist that smiling face back into place.

A face lift, as it were …

Everyone within admiring distance took a moment to grin back.

Monsoon Lagoon

Splashin' Safari opens for the season on May 11. We'll have that 1,000-gallon bucket full and ready for tipping all summer long!

Our test dummies get all the fun!

In the spring of the year, the test dummies have a blast.

They get to ride before anyone else. Today it was Liberty Launch.

We put them in place, fill them with water (for weight), and off they go:

Here's Tony, our maintenance director, helping to empty a dummy after its test rides (it's much easier to move hollow dummies).

Those dummies look a tad pale – drained, even – after their rides, don't they?

Emptying a test dummy

Ahem. Yes. I knew that would catch your eye.

The water comes out via the dummy's … er, belly button.

What a relief for the dummies!

The last step for Tony is to fold the dummy's legs upward to help move all the water out.

It must be quite a relief when it's over.

Just add sparkles

These photos are just in from Zamperla headquarters in Italy:

Sparkler base

The above photo is the base of our new ride for 4th of July: Sparkler!

Here's a good look at the tower for this fun vertical swing ride (65 feet tall!):

Sparkler's tower

And the other end of the Sparkler tower:


Finally, the not-quite-finished seats. You'll be able to ride side-by-side on Sparkler:

Seat for Sparkler (still under construction)

Sparkler opens May 5, when Holiday World opens for the season.

Here's a quick video of this ride at another park at night. Isn't it pretty?

Happy Pi Day!

When you work at a place called Holiday World, it doesn't take too much of a nudge for a celebration.

And if there's food involved … well, all the better.

Today is Pi Day.

Remember pi from back in math class? It's still around. It is a constant, after all.

Admittedly, we're a geeky bunch here. Where else would this happen?

… so when 3.14 (March 14) approached, IT Steven turned on the oven.

It's Pi Day!

And yes, that's a little Yoda flash drive up in the top-right corner of the photo. I think he's eyeing Steven's masterpiece to make sure there are no burnt edges. Wouldn't do to serve a pie with a dark side, after all.

The first mate and the skipper, too, will do their very best …


…to make the others comfortable …

I couldn't help but think of Gilligan, the Professor, Ginger and the rest when I came upon this bit of construction down by Bahari River:

New! Cabanas in Splashin' Safari

That's right – we're adding cabanas this season!

We're not ready to take reservations just yet, but I can tell you this much:

  • Each cabana will have a ceiling fan and a locking cabinet
  • Cabanas will include a fridge with bottled water
  • Each cabana will include a table plus four chairs
  • Also, two chaise lounges for … well, lounging
  • Free Wi-Fi service

Now if we could just get Mary Ann to stop by with some of her coconut cream pies …

Guess I’ll go eat …


That's right — worms!

A lady called for more information about her upcoming visit. When our Call Center operator asked if she needed to make group reservations, since she was bringing a busload, she said she'd won a contest and already had her tickets.

"I ate worms."

Excuse me, ma'am?

"To win the contest, I had to eat a bowl of worms. It was down to me and another woman. Then we had to eat a bowl of spaghetti. She gagged on the spaghetti, so I won."

Oh, yes. Of course.

Imagine having to eat pasta. Worms are one thing, but pasta?!

Our Call Center operator was so stunned, she didn't ask for more details.

We're guessing it was one of those zany radio shows holding a contest.

So if you're in line to ride The Raven and you catch a whiff of "worm breath," you might want to sit in front of the lady, not behind.

Definitely not behind.

(Originally posted 7/17/05)