By Paula @ Holiday World


That's right — worms!

A lady called for more information about her upcoming visit. When our Call Center operator asked if she needed to make group reservations, since she was bringing a busload, she said she'd won a contest and already had her tickets.

"I ate worms."

Excuse me, ma'am?

"To win the contest, I had to eat a bowl of worms. It was down to me and another woman. Then we had to eat a bowl of spaghetti. She gagged on the spaghetti, so I won."

Oh, yes. Of course.

Imagine having to eat pasta. Worms are one thing, but pasta?!

Our Call Center operator was so stunned, she didn't ask for more details.

We're guessing it was one of those zany radio shows holding a contest.

So if you're in line to ride The Raven and you catch a whiff of "worm breath," you might want to sit in front of the lady, not behind.

Definitely not behind.

(Originally posted 7/17/05)

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