By Paula @ Holiday World

Boy-oh-boy, this record weather is just incredible, isn't it? To think we were in the 80s on the last day of winter earlier this week simply boggles the mind.

The weather sure helps us in our getting-the-park-open activities, too.

Painters paint. Cleaners clean. And maintenance … well, they maintain.

Nathan happened to catch this unusual activity the other day:

Monsoon Lagoon

The Monsoon Lagoon bucket had some cosmetic work done on it over the winter, and it was time to hoist that smiling face back into place.

A face lift, as it were …

Everyone within admiring distance took a moment to grin back.

Monsoon Lagoon

Splashin' Safari opens for the season on May 11. We'll have that 1,000-gallon bucket full and ready for tipping all summer long!

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