By Paula @ Holiday World

Today was a big day for these fellas …

… these "dummies" caught the first flight of The Raven for the 2012 season.

Dummies? I think not!

To celebrate their raucous return to the station (and yes, they were armless pre-flight), let's give away a pair of tickets, shall we?

Take a look at these pasty-faced gents. The two in front look relaxed, if a bit stunned.

But those two in back – see how one is leaned in toward the other? What's that dummy saying?

It's "crunch time" here at the park, so we need a good laugh. Make us LOL and you could win a pair of tickets.

Here's what to do:

1. Give us sass. Give us silly. Give us snark. But keep your "Dummy Dialogue" family-friendly, okay?
2. We called it "Dummy Dialogue" because we have an unhealthy alliteration affinity (see?); it can be Dummy Monologue if you prefer. We like one-liners, too.
3. You must be 13 years old or older to be eligible.
4. Holiday World & Splashin' Safari employees (and their immediate family members) are not eligible. (Quit complaining! You earn plenty of free tickets during the season – let these other nice folks win some tickets once in a while.)
5. To enter, post your Dummy Dialogue as a comment here on this HoliBlog post. Don't worry if it doesn't show up right away, we moderate our comments. And we sometimes nap between 2 and 4am.
6. To be eligible, you must include your email address in the "email field." It won't show up publicly in your post, but it's how we'll notify you if you win.
7. Only one entry per blog "comment." If you're so incredibly witty that you have three entries, then you must post three separate comments. Don't get carried away, though; you're not that funny.
8. This contest runs through 12 noon CDT on Monday, April 2.
9. The judges' decision is final*.

* … and we're no dummies!


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374 Responses to “Make us LOL and you could win tickets”


    I really want to go I’ve never been please please. I’ve seen the ride on YouTube and it really looks fun. I’ve never been to a fun park and this one is close to me and it look really really fun. Thank You for taking your time and reading this

  2. Eric

    “How much longer do we have to sit here? I just want to ride the ride…… And my arms are getting tired… oh… wait a minute….

  3. Emily Acri

    They really weren’t joking when they said “Keep your arms and legs inside the car”.

  4. Logan Benjamin

    “Hey dummy, your so dumb, you can’t even spell Roller Coaster. It’s spelled R-O-L-L-E-R C-O-A-S-T-E-R, not R-O-ller Coaster! Heres another word for you to spell…D-U-mbo! Now enjoy your ride before we put you back to Dummy School!”

  5. Barbara DuPrey

    From one Dummy to another… If we have no arms, How are we suppose to hold on?

  6. Chris Doades

    This is what I have the dummy in the back saying to the two in front:

    “Maybe we should have listened when they told us to keep our arms inside the train…”

  7. Damon McIlwee

    The guy in the back looks like he wants to tell them the ride is over, but he realizes they are probably a little “stiff” from the ride and can’t get out.

  8. Shannon Roach

    D1: ” That was amazing! You wanna ride it again?”

  9. Norma Jean Johnson Stewart

    Hey Dumas, I think those two Newbies that took a whirl with us on this ride look ready to hurl…..They are looking alittle green and pastey like they could use something to perk them up! Let’s go again and see what that does for em’!

  10. Tim

    Trying to impress the girl dummies, the guy dummies looked as cool as ice even though they were so terrified, their faces were frozen with fear!!

  11. Devin

    The dummy in the back whispers to his girlfriend: “And we loved with a love that was more than love…”

    The dummy in the front leans back and says “Hate to cramp your style man, but wrong poem.”

  12. Clayton Selch

    John: “Hey Bob, I think I lost my arm on the way down the first hill.”
    Bob: “Don’t worry John, we’ll pick it up on one of the last 24 test runs we have left.”
    John: “Do we really have to test run this 25 times? It’s been standing since 1995. Don’t they trust it by now?”
    Bob: “Obviously not. You lost an arm!”

  13. Candace


  14. Pamela Tornow

    The dummy lends in to the other dummy and says’ ” This is going to be worst than the time we fall into the ocean as we ushed the sailboat out fromw the shore.”

  15. Allison McKenna

    That was the fastest coaster ride I’ve ever been on! I can’t feel my face, man! By the way, you’re as pale as a ghost, dude!

  16. Kristina dalton

    I thought there was a dress code around here, hide if you see Mrs. Koch.

  17. Drew Berling

    We already lost our arms last time around. What’s the difference if we do it one more time?

  18. Rachael

    Hey guys I got a joke; What do you get when you have four armless people test a new roll coaster for 2012? A much of Dummies

  19. Eric Bolstridge

    Dude! I hear they’re going to upgrade to Timberliner dummies later this summer!

  20. Kami Schmitt

    Dummy (leaning): Please tell me I’m not the only one who needs to change their underwear after that sharp turn on the lake….

  21. Josh Batts

    Maybe they should think about trimming those trees a little bit before they send us out there…

  22. nannerdw

    I can’t believe we have the ride all to ourselves! My twin brother is gonna be so jealous!

  23. Whitney Tarr

    Don’t forget to leave any loose items you wish to keep in the station so the Raven won’t steal them.

  24. Whitney Tarr

    This ride really knocks your socks off…………and everything else :/ 😀

  25. Jessica Shelton

    “And they are calling US dummies?… They just told us to keep our arms inside the ride at all times!”

  26. Kevin Basile

    Sorry about this but you were warned this ride would scare the skin off ya.

  27. Joe

    D1 – Glad that’s over. Can you help me with my seat belt?
    D2 – Oh you’re a real comedian. I was just going to ask you the same thing!

  28. DeWayne Towe

    I told you this gig would be way more fun than working for that car manufacturer!!!

  29. DeWayne Towe

    Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I think that ride made me spring a leak…

  30. BJ Wanlund

    Dummy 1: “Hey Spin, wasn’t that a good ride?”
    Dummy 2: “Yo Slick, I don’t think you need to lean over *quite* that far…”
    Dummy 1: “Well, Spin, only a dummy would have eaten before that ride… oh wait, we ARE dummies!”

  31. Ragina Poling

    It cost me an arm and leg just to ride the Raven!
    Oh wait, make that two arms and two legs, but it was worth it!!

  32. christy f

    Why is that man back there starring at us and why are we being photographed? Is there something going on that I dont know about? Im getting skeeeered!

  33. yvette

    “Hey Dude, were you scared?”
    “Then why are you white as a ghost then?!”

  34. Josh Batts

    You know, I hear that guy from MythBusters makes $1.5m per episode…why are we here again?

  35. Melanie Evans

    The dad dummy is asking the kid dummy what to do if she is lost in the park. The kid dummy says “find a holiday world employee”. The dad dummy says ” how do you know if someone is a holiday world employee”? The kid dummy says “they have a broom in their hands”. This is an actual conversation we had with our daughter last summer and we still laugh about it.

  36. Logan

    THAT WAS AWESOME! HIGH FIVE!…Oh wait…You can’t hear me; you don’t have ears.

  37. Dawn Knight

    D1″I put my hands in the air and say hey yo….oh wait a minute. ”
    D2 ” I think that’s what we all tried, no wonder that sign said keep hands and arms inside”
    D1 ” wicked good time anyway”

  38. Evan Carrier

    Hey guys! Maybe if we just keep still and blend in they might let us ride again!! Then we can figure out where our arms went!

  39. Chris Daugherity

    Those 3 guys behind us just called us dummies.Atlest we get to ride this awesome,rollercoater before anyone else does this year.

  40. JoAnne Davis

    “Thanks a lot Steve-O… That will be the LAST time I listen to you! They tell you to keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times for a REASON!!”

  41. Kimberly Phelps

    1st dummy to all other dummies: “This happens every year! I’m going to Splashin Safari!”

  42. Shannon

    Male dummy: You know my brother’s wife’s sister’s cousin’s nephew works here at the park and I can get you free soda and sunscreen?

    Female dummy: You big dummy everyone gets it free

  43. Chris Daugherity

    Those 3 guys behind us just called us dummies.Atlest we get to ride this awesome,rollercoater before anyone else does this year.

  44. Kimberly Phelps

    1st dummy says to all other dummies: “This happens every year! When we will learn our lesson and just stay in Splashin Safari?”

  45. Chris Radcliffe

    Yeah, this job is just temporary. I’ve got bigger aspirations… a front office Holiday World job!

  46. Linda Duke

    “hey, do you think those two guys in front of us are still alive? I can’t see their faces.”

  47. Kathy P

    If I had known this was going to be a Facebook moment I would have put on my best duckface!

  48. Chris Radcliffe

    How did you get this job? I had to work my way from the bottom up! I used to be a Holiday World plastic toilet seat!!

  49. Andrew Beil

    I know they said break a leg when we left, but man I think they got it backwards!

  50. Renee Burdette

    Hey Gas is so high but,It was worth my arms to get here The Raven was a blast.!!!!

  51. MinusTheV

    D1: I get to test Voyage tomorrow…

    D2: That’s NOTHING, Dan has me testing Mammoth later this week!

  52. Mechelle Steenburg

    Rear dummy: “Weren’t you wearing a hat?” Front dummy: “‘Take it off before the coaster leaves’, you said…Did I listen? NO!”

  53. Emily

    “Loosen up a bit” ” Throw your arms in the air like you just don’t care”

  54. Renee Burdette

    Gas is so high it cost me 2 arms to get here,But it was worth it The Raven is a Blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Katie

    (This is the conversation between thus follows: #1 top left, #2 top right, #3, bottom left, #4 bottom right)

    #1: Look!! LOOK UP! There in the sky!!!
    #4: Is it a Bird?!!! Oh…wait…We’re riding the…
    #3: NO! It looks like a plane!!!!
    #2:NO!!! GUYS!!! LOOK IT’S…
    All in Unison: IT’S SANTA!!!

  56. christy

    Announcer “And remember folks, please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.”

    Rider “Should we say something?”

  57. Lisa Shepherd

    Why do I let you talk us into things like this?I am sooooo telling mom about this one!

  58. Chuck Karbowiak

    “We waited all this time for the back seat and the ones in front of us just got right on. Who’s the dummy?”

  59. Randy Holland

    HEADLINE: The Blue Man Group was scared white as a ghost on the Raven Today

  60. Martin Furrow

    “Psst, Do you think they would notice if I rode this coaster backwards?”

  61. Racquel Moyes

    D1: I love this ride, sorry D2 for getting plastic pee all over the seat!!! Hey D3 do u know where are arms went? And D3 I’m sorry about the pee but u will get the color back in your face soon!!! So let’s ride it again! D4 r u ok? Because u haven’t said a word did u get plastic pee on the seat? If so it’s ok

  62. April

    “You know, the humans made us so that they could avoid risk and make it *safely* to death!”

  63. Emily N. Jackson

    **Smile for the photo!**
    (backseat dummy) “Ahh man! My hair is messed up! You didn’t say anything about a picture afterwards! I just wanted the first ride.”

  64. Tina Bowling

    The heck with my arms! I lost everything, my eyes, my arms, my ears, my eyebrows, my eyelashes, my nose, my nose hairs, the hair on my head! But, on the up side, my freckles are finally gone!!

  65. rachel burke

    the raven ride operator told us to picture each other naked and the raven is less scary, i think we over did it though, this is to naked..

  66. rachel burke

    the raven ride operator told us to picture each other naked and the raven is less scary, i think we over did it though, this is to naked..

  67. Zach Clapper

    Most people are stuck in offices all day. Our job is to ride roller coasters. Now whose the dummies?

  68. Brad

    Oh my gnome that was off the hook can we should get back in line and go again on the worlds most awesomest ride

  69. Mary Bennington

    Dummies in front: Hey, what’s up? Dummy leaning over: Looks like Safari Pizza to me!

  70. Kelly Proctor

    Guys I told you it wasn’t a good idea to volunteer to test the Mammoth before we tested the coasters I feel like an ICE CUBE!!!! It is only March it is CoLd….We are such Dummies!

  71. Phillip Wilson

    After this lets go to the raging rapids I think I may have wet myself.

  72. Kelly Proctor

    I cannot believe we look so pale in that picture, should we ride again? Everyone pinch your cheeks to add some color and be sure to smile. OK….let’s RiDe!!! We only have 6 weeks until the tanned peeps start coming in!!!

  73. regina

    Dummy (leaning): Guys? ….Guys? GUYS?!
    (to back passenger): I think we’re going on the next run by ourselves…the other guys need a medic…

  74. Shieeda

    Dummy 1: You need arms!
    Dummy 2: Why is that?
    Dummy 1: I was scared needed you to hold on to me.
    Dummy 2: Dummies don’t have arms dummy!

  75. betty hall

    Just because they call us “dummies” didn’t mean we had to raise our hands and let the fast ride rip our arms off!

  76. Patrick

    “leaning dummy addressing his buddies”….I told you this coaster was awesome…too bad you all wanted to go to that other park in Ohio first that cost us both arms and legs…and that was just to park our car!

  77. Amber Kirby

    I thought you told me all I would have to do is stand in the store window and smile, this is not what I signed up for…and on top of that, where are the nice clothes you promised too?!

  78. MIckey Sears

    Give us arms – we hold them high !!!-There no Raven that shall makes us Wail !!!!

  79. Patrick

    “Uhhh…..guys… what point during the ride did we lose our Holiday World single rider t-shirts?”

  80. Robert Nungester

    Sit Upright, Hold on tight, and Enjoy You’re flight on The Raven.
    L.O.L. Hold on tight to what? I have no Arms!!!

  81. NathanB

    Dummy 1: I gotta tell you, Bill, I am a lot better at this job than my last one.
    Dummy 2: What was your last job?
    Dummy 1: I used to test drive cars. I crashed every single one.

  82. NathanB

    Dummy 1: You know guys, we should get some of that free sunscreen. As pale as we all are, we’re gonna get sunburned.

  83. Tonya Embry

    “No hands on the Raven, next they will take our heads off to test the Legend!!”

  84. Alex Smith

    Dummy (leaning): I think I’m gonna hurl… which one in front of us should I aim for?!

  85. Alex Smith

    Holiday World really meant it when they said to keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times didn’t they?!

  86. Don

    Sure I got some flack when I left the clothing store. I had dreams, I needed adventure, i loved Mtn Dew. I have the life few dummies live.

  87. Jonathan

    Harry: Is that a spider web up there in the ceiling? And they call this the cleanest park in the world!
    Steve: Harry, the park’s not open for the season yet.
    Harry: Now what kind of dummy would be riding this ride before the park opens?!?!

  88. Karen Pugh

    “How many dummies does it take to test a coaster?”
    “Four Stan” …. “It takes four.”

  89. Karen Pugh

    “Stan for the hundreth time already, you are NOT a bowling pin and this ISN’T a bowling alley.”
    whispers “Geez, what a dummy…”

  90. Bryan Bird

    Once upon a midday cheery, while I rode on, weak and weary,
    Over deafening quaint and curious volume of wood coaster’s roar —
    Though I spotted no arms flapping, suddenly there came a clapping,
    As of people high-five slapping, slapping though my back was sore.
    “‘Tis some coaster,” I muttered, “slapping me both aft and fore.”
    Quoth the dummy, “NEVERMORE!”

  91. nichole jackson

    that ride was so awsesome that we couldnt keep it all together!!!!!!! Lets go again maybe we can piece ourselves back together. (what are you waiting for?)

  92. nichole jackson

    Never put hands up on the Raven ….. you just my loose it all !!! (arms, cloths ,hair ,skin ,food and what ever else) lol

  93. Gary Bryant

    Dummy one: With how much gas prices are it cost us our arms and legs to get here!
    Dummy two: Well at least they have free soft drinks and sun screen!

  94. Bryan Abbott

    Dummy 1: “Do we have time to go to the bathroom before the next lap?”
    Dummy 2: “I can hold it….. oh wait… no I can’t.”

  95. Jarred McDaniel

    You think THIS gig is tough? Remind me to introduce you to my friend Buster from the Mythbusters series!

  96. Tricia

    What a ride! Couldn’t see a thing but it was amazing! Feeling the wind through my hair . . . wait, I don’t have hair. Anyway the sun on my face . . . hope I get a tan today!

  97. Donna Horsley

    Hey have you all ever seen the movie Urban Legend with the roller coaster ride? Well, I just had a premonition!!! Enjoy the ride!!! Bahahahaha!

  98. Brandy Martin

    Leaning Dummy to Dummy beside him: Hey, Whitey, I don’t know ’bout you, but my drain plug doesn’t hold like it used too…sorry.

  99. Jarred McDaniel

    Ok, so I’ve been practicing my poker face. Tell me what you think. Is it any good?

  100. Norma Jean Johnson Stewart

    Please remember to remain seated until the ride has came to a complete stop……Oooops!

  101. melissa goens

    Dummy #1: Why are we sitting here when U of L is playing U of K?
    Dummy #2: At least the color of the train is right.
    Dummies in front: Shut up…riding the raven is more fun than basketball anyday!

  102. Jessica Stibich

    I love the feeling of the wind in my hair and my arms up for a wild ride…uh oh we may have forgotten something!

  103. Clint Newlin

    Hey guys….as soon as we get to the top, everyone put your arms up in the….oh, wait….nevermind.

  104. Clint Newlin

    “I didn’t want to say anything back there, but we’re actually only 42 inches without legs….”

  105. Brad S.

    ” Don’t tell the crew, but I think my belly button might of sprung a leak.”

  106. Amanda Shields

    “And they called us dummies for accepting this job! That was awesome!!”

  107. Benjamin Harmon

    Dummy #1 to Dummy #2: “Are we supposed to hold on to the restraints or raise our arms during the ride?”

    Dummy #2 response: “Huh?”

  108. K. Graves

    Dummy in back leaning forwards says:
    Shhh… just stay still- I think they forgot we are here.
    *Maybe we can go again, and if we stay in our seats they will give us our arms back; um… and hair.. and features… and clothes… and… and… and…

  109. K. Graves

    Don’t they realize this ride is amazing?! Who are the Dummies for going on test runs? What other body parts do we have to lose to prove it? Don’t answer that Bob…

  110. Allison McKenna

    I don’t know guys, but I believe we got a little too much of that free sunscreen on us. Quick! Rub it in real good and maybe they won’t notice! Can you get my back, buddy?

  111. kyle sloan

    The dummy in the back seat is saying I think I am going to hurl, get out quick.

  112. NathanB

    Dummy 1: I am so much better at this job than my last one.
    Dummy 2: What was your last job.
    Dummy 1: I used to test drive cars. I crashed every one of them.

  113. Brant Douglas

    Dummy King Arthur: "You've got no arms left"

    Dummy Black Knight: "Yes I have"

    Dummy King Arthur: "Look"

    Dummy Black Knight:"It's just a flesh wound… and you fool, you've got no arms left either!"

    Dummy King Arthur: "Yes I have"

    Dummy Black Knight: "Look"

    Dummy King Arthur: "'Tis but a scratch" 

    Dummy Black Knight, Dummy King Arthur, Dummy Lancelot, and Dummy Bedevere (in front seat): "We've all got no arms!"  The Raven rolls from the station…  "Help, help, we're being repressed!"

  114. Logan Niccum

    That was awesome! High five!….oh wait…You can’t hear me; you don’t have ears.

  115. Alex

    Dummy1- “You better “hold” on!

    Dummy2-*sarcastically* ” Ha, ha. I know I don’t have arms, but I ain’t as dumb as I may look.”

    Dummy1- “You couldn’t be!”

  116. Alex

    Dummy1- “Whoa, man. The Raven was so intense, I can’t even think straight! I don’t even remember what 2+2 equals! It messed my brain up!”

    Dummy2- “Let’s test you to find out if it did. What’s Gatorade?”

    Dummy1- “Welfare for crocodiles?”

  117. Tom

    Leaning dummy: Nevermore? Try never again! Not with those two. They didn’t even put their arms up!
    Other dummy: Yeah, Edgar and Allan need to let loose once in a while.

  118. Alex

    Dummy1- “You know what screaming and yelling on The Raven reminded me of?”

    Dummy2- “What?”

    Dummy1- “It reminded me that I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my Grandfather, not screaming and yelling like the other passengers in the car, because boy does my throat hurt!”

  119. Chuck Piel


  120. Lisa

    I wish I would have thought about my taupae when they told use to secure all items!

  121. Lisa

    Why do we always have to do the first flights? Do they think we’re a couple of dummies?

  122. Angie

    I know the sign said “Not Responsible for Loss of Personal Items” but this is ridiculous!

  123. Josh Spencer

    The Raven? They should call this The Cravin. I threw up so much I’m starving!!

  124. Josh Spencer

    Are we going to get a ticket for the picture it took of us? We were going a little fast!

  125. Janice Machnikowski

    D1 "Hey the Raven just took our shirts!"

    D2 Don't worry, I saw some cool looking shirts in the gift shops"

  126. Drake Krohn

    “You thought that was bad? I heard the Voyage doesn’t even have its rails on yet!”

  127. Annette R Tackett

    Dummie1- I feel like I am going to puke…. I mean we went on this ride like 10 times!
    Dummie2- Hey, at least we don’t have to fear bugs getting in our teeth….!

  128. Joe Halley

    “Hey Edgar, did you hear the news?”
    “No, what’s that Allan?”
    “Poe says there are NEW female crash test dummies.”

  129. Monica Greene

    “This sure beats our last job. Crashing cars is overrated. Riding the Holiday World Raven is best job and I’ll be crashing cars, Nevermore.”

  130. Jim Porter

    what time does lost and found open ?
    I think I left a few things for them to pick up ….

  131. kristy

    Them guys back there call us dummies and yet we get the first ride of the year! Hahaha,whos the dummy? We get to ride the best rides and all they can do is watch!! Bahahaha

  132. Mandy Lotarski

    “Man, those guys in front of us are pros! No wonder they always get chosen to ride in the front. Check out those stoic expressions!” “Yeah, I happened to catch a glimpse of them coming out of Gobbler Getaway the other day, though, and they didn’t look too sure of themselves then.”

  133. Angelica Carson

    Dummy 1: ” That ride was soooooo intense dude!! My face is numb from the mind-blowing speed!!!”
    Dummy 2: “I know, right?! It was righteous!!! Come to think of it, I’ve seem to have lost the feeling in my arms!
    Dummy 1: “Dude!!!! That’s ’cause your arms are gone!!!!”
    Dummy 2: “Woah dude!!! I could’ve sworn they were still attached when we left the station!!!!”

  134. Patrick

    ::leaning dummy telling his buddies:: “ya know guys….i wish they would fill us up with beer instead of water”

  135. April Emmitt

    Words can’t express how much fun we are having……and neither can our faces. Darn Botox!

  136. Daniel

    Josh: The Raven stole my arms!
    Bill: Did you even read the sign it, says” the Raven might steel loose items”.

  137. TJ Graham

    Keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times or you may end up like these guys!

  138. KimF

    Dude, what is up with those dummies in front of us…they look scared as ghosts!

  139. Tammy Wright

    “We have been paying an arm and a leg for gasoline lately. What a blessing to win these tickets on the Holiblog contest!Now we can finaly afford to take another family vacation!”

  140. Hannah

    Dummy 1 Hey ! Were did your smile go ?
    Dummy 2 I don’t know weres yours ?
    1 I am smiling what are you talking about.
    2 dummy we have no faces ! You always fall for it don’t you

  141. Pam Price

    “Hey, that was intense, huh guys? Guys ?? Hello ???
    Oh yeah, that’s right,you can’t hear me. We don’t have ears…..Uuuggh!!”

  142. Cody H

    Front Dummies: Alright everyone! When we hit the drops throw your… nubs… up…? And remember to cover your mouth of you feel sick… oh wait… just DON’T turn to the middle!

    Back Dummies: Oh my gosh! I can’t wait to see Pat Koch! She is SO beautiful! Best of all I can’t wait to get my Bobble Pat! Guys if am not in my seat at the end of the ride, it’s cause I have found Pat.

  143. Hannah

    D1 is it just me or was that ride so awesome my arms ,legs and face are gone ?
    D2 ohh boy umm apparently so
    *d1 raises invisible arm*
    d1i wanna go again !

  144. Samantha Siedhoff

    Dummy 1: Hey, Bob, after this ride let’s go to Bahari Wave Pool.
    Dummy 2: Sounds good, Bob. Let’s ask the other Bobs.

  145. Melissa Hill

    dude this dummy back here told me he donated his brain to science before he was done using it,and science sent it back no wonder hes doing a dummy job im just here for the free ride!!!

  146. carol money

    This ride was the BEST ever. Look it scared those dummies in front of us stiff. Uhh well: armless, colorless, faceless and motionless too. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  147. Tammy Wright

    “By that Heaven that bends above us, that was a ghostly scary ride Lenore! “

  148. robin garcia

    As the ride starts-one dummie to the next:
    BTW, did you read ‘Rollercoasters for Dummies’?

  149. April Gibson

    D1: Hey man. I dunno why they call us dummies. We’re smart enough to be the first ones to get to ride this awesome coaster!
    D2: Dude. Close your mouth before you catch some flies. Anyway, I’m sure we’ve been called worse!

  150. Lance Landeck

    I would give my arms and legs to ride again without having to get back in line!

  151. paula smith

    WTH. I thought u put on too much makeup before. Now u need a whole body makeover.

  152. Kim

    Dummy leans forward and says “See those three guys back there? They are to chicken to try our job”! PSSH

  153. sammi

    That was awsome! Hey guys, maybe if we tell them we lost an arm they’ll let us ride it as long as we want to for free!

  154. Shawntel

    ACE Dummy #1: “You know what I love about this job? My stomach may slosh around, but I never get sick, no matter how long we marathon this ride.”
    ACE Dummy #2: “Totally. Those enthusiasts at Holiwood Nights would be SOOOOOOOO… jealous right now!”

  155. lori

    Dummy leaning up: "What are they doing back there? Putting their hands in their pockets, and that one starring at us….I'm telling you Ed, their going to make us go again!"
    Dummies in front leaning back: "Find my happy place! Find my happy place!"

  156. Jessica

    See what happens when you don’t keep your arms inside the ride at all times…now if I could just get the feeling back in my face! 😉

  157. Beth Stilwell

    See….I told you we could ride The Raven. This ride only has a height requirement, not an arms requirement!!

  158. Scott Loehr

    AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! We looked back, and ended up faceless, armless, and legless!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. calvin shelby

    Hey mom over here in the front seat of the raven, wait i can’t wave o yea no arms :(

  160. Ralph Butler

    Ride Op: “Attention riders, please keep your arms and legs inside the train at all times and enjoy your ride!”

    Dummy in second row: “He’s kidding right?”

    Dummy in first row: “Nope, I guess we’re not the only dummies here”

  161. Rita Rager

    Dummy #1: I didn’t want to be a test dummy this year! I wanted to work in food sanitation but they said I had to keep my hands clean! So here I am!!!
    Dummies #2,3 and 4: YA THINK!!!!

  162. Troy DeFouw

    Uh…this isn’t looking good you guys! We lost our arms on The Raven and we have to ride The Legend next. Better hold onto our heads…wait, what are we going to hold onto them with!!!

  163. Jessica d

    Ohh you dummy’s better hold on, we’re in for a ride! Wait a sec…. we all lost are arms from the first ride around, oh my what will we lose this time around.

  164. Melissa Jean

    You know I’m not sure, but I really get the feeling that these free trips to Holiday World in early spring are really just a trick to use us as test dummies! Did you see what they did to the guys on Mammoth?!

  165. Scott Jean

    That sign says “The Raven may steal your hat.” Looks like it stole more than that from us.

  166. camron morris

    We might be dummies, but at least we aren’t bird-brains like the Raven!

  167. Koibones +<><

    D1: Holy Crow!
    D2 (Whispering): Not crow… Raven.
    I have no mouth and I must scream. (Google it…)
    You know how we started at the station full of water…?

  168. Mark Baucom

    WHEW——that hill was almost as high as gas prices these days !!!!!

  169. Mark Baucom

    Did that satisfy your “hunger” for the coaster games??? If not, let’s head on over to the VOYAGE !!

  170. Kayla Herzing

    Dummy 1: Oh man, I am so scared!
    Dummy 2: Yeah, my arms feel a little numb!
    Dummy 1: Ummm…
    Dummy 2: Oh……awkward…

  171. robin garcia

    What did one dummie say to the next dummie….
    Did you remember your copy of rollercoasters for dummies????

  172. Suzanne

    “I am so glad we left our stuff in the locker those guys in front of us lost everything.”

  173. Ty Ramsey

    I am Soooooooooooooo glad Holiday World offers free sunscreen, do you remember what happened last year at Bushgardens.

  174. Melanie

    guy in front “hold on to your rear”
    guy in back “wait we don’t have a rear”
    Other guy in back “we can’t hold on Peorid”
    All together “ahhhhh”

  175. Samantha Fowler

    Someone quick! Did I use to have arms???!!!

    “Umm… None of us did.”

    Now THATS a relief!!! I thought I lost them back there! Well….since that’s ok…LETS GO AGAIN!

  176. Shera Sotzing

    Please remain seated until the ride has stopped, keep your hands & arms on the coaster at all times……..

  177. Kevin

    “You’re looking a bit pale. After this maybe we should go to Splashin’ Safari.”

  178. Ashley Allen

    Dude, Game Plan! We’re gonna ride the coaster, NO Hands, NO Shirt, and a completely BLANK expression on our faces!! We got this, man!

  179. One-Liner

    Ever hear of being scared silly? I think the guys in front of us just found out

  180. Meredith thompson

    ” see I told ya they would steal the front seat! Next time call shot gun dude!”

  181. Tammy Baucom

    THAT WAS SCARY DUDE….did you pee your pants or did they forget to put your plugback in???

  182. Natalie

    “How many times do we have to test this ride? It’s safe already….You don’t even have to hold on to stay in!”
    Quote the Raven, Nevermore! 😉

  183. Clara Guyer

    Man we’ve got it good here, Bob. Those crash test dummies at the other place have no idea. Bob? Bob? Passed slick out on the first go and how many more? I told you about that passing out stuff. Geez.

  184. LISA

    For the month of April, our family was chosen at our parish to pray for vocations, which basically means we were presented with a special crucifix and special prayers for us to pray as a family for VOCations. Of course our little ones got a little confused and thought that we were chosen to pray for VACations. So of course what did they want to pray for? A trip to Holiday World!

  185. Heather Ledoux

    “Hey, Johnny, what do you say we ditch those two stiffs and ride it again?”

  186. mnevitt

    they really should make these carts bigger, my arms and legs are a little cramped in here.

  187. Michelle VanMeter

    “Quit staring at that girl in front of us, Frank! She’s all silicone!”

  188. Barbara Price

    Hey you know what bob, no what bob, this Holiday world is one cool place, But it says keep hands and feet in the ride, and well we dont have those so guess we just bob along .


  189. Randy Simpson

    “See, guys? I told ya, this is the best coaster park around with the best price! Especially since we don’t have an arm and an arm and an arm and an arm and an arm and an arm and an arm and an arm and a leg to spare!”

  190. Barry Dunkerson

    Them dummies are white as a ghost !! What did you do to them poor guys lol

  191. Sherry Etienne

    (whipser) that was great! Check it out, he’s looking at us like we’re crazy. Now, THIS time, instead of “cawing” like a Raven, let’s “quack” like ducks the whole ride.

  192. Randy Simpson

    “Wow, that was too fun! This sure beats the heck out of our old job down at the bowling alley, doesn’t it?”

  193. Matt Garner

    Dummy in the back leaning over- ” Fellas, that ride was awesome & I’d love to high five everybody but the whole no arms thing is going to make that a problem”

  194. Mike Kaiser

    Man, that was such an intense ride I can’t feel my arms or legs, meh, enough waiting when are they going to send us out again… I love these marathon ride sessions

  195. Randy Simpson

    *cough* *cough* “I think I swallowed a bug on that last turn….”

  196. Jeannie Banda

    Dude, did you me raise my arms down that last hill? Arms?!? Oh my goodness my arms are gone!
    Think they will let us ride again and see if we can find them? Raven Rocks!

  197. Aaron

    Hey hunny I think we just passed your family in the petting zoo

    Yes we did they are my inlaws

  198. Amanda Clarke

    You skipped “Chapter 3: Woo Hoo” in “Roller Coasters for Dummies, didn’t you Bob?!
    Bob, can you hear me?!

  199. Randy Simpson

    So here I sit, in The Raven’s back seat.
    The speed is awesome; the turns are sweet.
    A faceless torso; no legs, unarmed –
    But I do this every year so no one gets harmed.

  200. Hailey forehand

    *excited to ride the raven* If your happy and you know it clap your…oh…right.

  201. Phillip

    “I don’t know why they keep telling me to keep my arms and legs inside the vehicle…..”

  202. Carly Vogel

    Whew. What a thrill! I had no idea I’d be completely white in the face and missing a few limbs. Guess I should have read “Roller Coasters for Dummies” before trying this one!

  203. Amanda Clarke

    Boy! We lucked out when we got this job! We could of been like our cousin Jim. That poor guy crashes into walls all day!

  204. Nina Allen

    “Hey, buddy… up front. Do you perhaps have a Depend on you for me to borrow, because I could really use one right now after that ride! And I think the guy behind us has caught on that this is not a water ride.”

  205. Tammy Baucom

    You REALLY need to work on your tan~~ you are looking ghostly these days !!

  206. Alan Tidwell

    They told you not to look back on the Legend…but did you listen….NO!!!!….and look at us now would you!…You’re lucky their even letting us ride on Raven!

  207. darren smelser

    (Reenacting one of the best movies scenes ever from “Wayne’s World”…)

    Singing … “Thundrbolts of lightning very very frightening me. Galileo … Galileo … Galileo … Galileo …. Figero – Magnifico”

  208. David Crowe

    Awwwwww, man!!!!! I told you to go to the restroom Larry BEFORE we got on this ride!

  209. Robert Nungester

    Hang on tight, Sit upright, and enjoy You’re flight- on The Raven! L.O.L. Hang on tight to what? I have no arms!!!

  210. Randi Penny

    I told you coming here would cost us an arm and a leg. Luckily, this place has safety inspectors…

  211. Bambi Sroka

    Before take off
    “Should we be concerned that the staff aren’t wearing park employee uniforms?”

  212. kristi walker

    Steve: hey bob?
    Bob: yea steve.
    Steve: You said you didnt want to be a crash test dummy anymore!
    Bob: This is not what I meant….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

  213. Nicole Taflinger

    Dummy one “Dude but I CAN’T keep my arms and legs inside the car at all times!”
    Dummy two “I feel you bro.”

  214. Zach Voignier

    “I guess we forgot to keep our arms and legs inside at all times.”

  215. Amy Eaton

    Body 1: Knock knock
    Body 2: Who’s there?
    Body 1: Dummy
    Body 2: Dummy who?
    Body 1: Dummy a favor and let’s ride again!

  216. Amy Eaton

    Where is your dumb girlfriend? I thought she was coming.

    Whe she saw the sign on the highway that said “Holiday World Left,” she turned around and went home.

  217. Annette R Tackett

    Dummy1 I feel like im going to throw up!
    Dummy2 Well we have been sitting on this ride for hours! Oh well, at least bugs won’t get stuck in our teeth!

  218. Stuart Landes

    I know the contest is over, but I could not resist.

    I feel fat. Am I retaining water?

  219. Ann Hammersley

    Guy leaning in to friend,”Hey Buddy, I’d give my right arm and left leg to see those girls expression in front of us after that last ride. I though the one was going to puke there for a minute.That was a hair raising, mouth dropping, eye opening, good time. Did ya see that? Hugh did ya? Girl in front,”I think that guy behind me is checking me out. If only I could hear what he is saying.” Other girl,” Nope he’s just pulling your leg, but I’d bet the other one wants to ride again with us” Other girl,” Well I am guessing by his body language, he is a complete square, but anyhow this ride totally blew my socks off!”

  220. Amy Mize

    No ears to hear that you should “Keep all limbs inside the ride at all times” : YOU CAN LEARN ALOT FROM A DUMMY

  221. Mark Ratajczak

    Mrs. Koch didn’t say anything about testing the rides when I signed my contract!

  222. Brittany Wonder

    “No worries. After that we are still intelligently beautiful “

  223. Scott henderson

    I feel sorry for the dummies that had to test ride this coaster!

  224. zoey coleman

    hey whats your name .Dumy ! ( other dude ) Not going to belive this !! My name is Dumy too. Hey dude you wany to be like… friends No I don't like to be friends with a dumy .Dude no time for taking we're falling ……. boom crash

  225. Elizabeth Kemp

    Ok make sure u raise ur arms in front of the camera so we know whos who.

  226. Jessica H

    He is kissing the head of the Dummy in front of him saying
    “I am so glad you are okay.”

  227. Natasha

    Only at holiday world can you have so much fun on a cistern that your arms get off because you didn’t listen when they said keep hands in cart. But that’s ok because the raven was worth it and these dummies are ready to do it again. I wonder if they will stand up this time and become headless dummies.

  228. Natasha

    “Even with airbags, Vince, you’ve still got to remember to buckle your saftey belt.” You could learn a lot from a dummy….

  229. Natasha

    Even with lap bars you have to keep your hands inside….you could learn a lot from a dummy

  230. Kris Phelps

    Hey Look at those Dummies standing behind us, I think that one thinks your Cute! no i think they think we are Dummies but who gets to ride this cool ride over and over again?

  231. Lesa Lewellyn

    Once upon a roller coaster ride, while I pondered, with a white, plastic hide,
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of engineers gaze
    While I sat, strapped in my seat, suddenly there came a clapping praise,
    As of some one wildly laughing at my faceless gazing
    “‘Tis some coaster,” we muttered, “drained us of color, arms and legs no more.
    Only this and nothing more.”

  232. Wendi Johnson

    Why are we just sitting
    here like a couple if dummies? Lets’s
    get this ride going!!!

  233. Brannigan

    who else votes that the next time, the humans take the first test ride?

  234. David

    Hey did you guys see those odd men behind us? One of them is looking at us like we are aliens or something. Whats wrong with those men with weird arms? Don’t they know its in holiday world style to ride armless!

  235. Kimberly

    Why can’t we be the ones to test the soft drink machines?
    Umm, Gosh your such a dummy we have no hands to hold or a mouth to drink it!

  236. Reagan Armes

    Hey Carl lets ditch this ride and go to the Hollidog Rollercoaster…I Would Kevin but we dont have arms or legs!

  237. Rachel

    “No….I won’t hold your hand next time – You are a big bo…er…mannequin”