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9 Responses to “Raven’s first flight in 2012”

  1. jerry.yarnetsky

    Nice video work! But I got motion sick just watching the HallowSwings…urp… what can I say, my inner ears hate me.

  2. Wes Dones

    This is what happens when you don’t keep your hands and feet inside the train at all times.

  3. Tina Kasinger

    Now we can go to Splashin Safari and be “bobbers”, but first…..how are we gonna get out of this……hey, give me a hand!”

  4. Tina Kasinger

    “Hey, now let’s go to Splashin’ Safari and be “bobbers”…..oh wait, how are we gonna get outta here……hey, give me a hand!”

  5. Adam Conrad

    Back left dummy whispering to the group, “Ya’ll are chicken if you don’t raise your hands on the first drop!!! Oh…wait..I don’t have any arrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmsss!!!!” as they speed down the first drop.

  6. Kerrie Gregory

    ” Wow , what a ride , we are SPEECHLESS !” Let’s GO Again!