Hopping toward spring

No, we're not hinting about a new HoliFrog mascot … but apparently there are many fans of the idea.

Take a listen, and enjoy the sounds of nature that tend to get covered up by laughter and screams of delight once we're open:

Hoof it to a Job Fair

There is nothing like a barrage of puns to make the new guy feel welcome.

Poor Josh – our new Director of Human Resources Management; he had no idea what he was stepping in when he explained to me that he wanted to hold a pair of open Job Fairs.

Slide Attendant at Holiday World"You know, like a cattle call," he said. "Only, we shouldn't call it that."

Too late, Josh. Little did he know his little slip of the tongue – using the phrase traditionally employed in the entertainment industry – would create an afternoon full of emailed puns.

I started it, I take full blame/credit. My first email had the following subject line: Moooooo!

Okay, now that we’re holding a “cattle call,” you know you’ve set yourself up for every bovine pun in the book, right?
And, as the wife of a dairy farmer, I know how to milk it …
How does this sound:
1. Update website with new info – Paula
2. News release (to go out on Sunday for Monday morning news) – Paula
3. Social media push – Paula Sweepers at Holiday World
4. E-newsletter – Nathan
5. Announcement to schools – Josh
6. Communication with staff (especially Call Center and others who hear from the public) – Josh
Okay, now that I’ve run this past-your-eyes (pasteurized, get it?!), if it looks good, I’ll get you the verbiage for approval by tomorrow.

Admit it. That was pretty good. Udderly fantastic, actually.

Here are the responses:

HR Josh: Moooy Bien

GM Matt: Oh brother. I think you all need to be put out to pasture.

Me: Insult us all you want, GM – we’ll just skim over it.

Communications Nathan: Seriously, let’s not try to make this about the calves and calve-nots.

Matt: This is EXACTLY why milk makes me nauseous.

Me: Yes, Matt … but you’re part of the 2%.

Matt got the last word (he usually does, being the boss and all): That’s it. You are all fired.

Meanwhile, if you're hoping to join us as a seasonal employee this year, please hoof it on over to our Apply Now! Jobs page for all the details.