By Paula @ Holiday World

Saturday marks the seven-year anniversary of our first HoliBlog post.

Did you know we were the first park to blog?

The feedback we’ve received over the years has been humbling. And every once in a while a reader will say to me or post “It always snows in April.” This happened recently on our Facebook page and I was just stunned (and more than a little bit pleased). “It always snows in April” was the title of our second HoliBlog post.

When we moved to our current website, the older HoliBlog posts were left behind. (I still have close to 700 to sort through and re-post as appropriate.)

Since it’s “snowing” like a blizzard this week, it seems the appropriate time to re-post this one:

It always snows in April

It’s a shame we’re not open this month.

Now that’s a dangerous statement to make 29 days before opening.

Everyone is focused on getting rides ready to go, employees trained, new stuff publicized and advertised. Lots of painting and cleaning to do.

Time is of the essence.

Tempus fugit.

Nerves can get frazzled.

As an aside, this is when Mrs. Koch’s sense of humor swings into high gear. I think it’s her background in nursing kicking in. We may get a little rattled, but she’s there to tease and kid around. And a good belly laugh doesn’t hurt a bit.

In April, the Bradford Pear trees are in bloom in the park. The dogwoods aren’t out yet, nor are the redbuds. (Not so in 2012!)

The first sign that spring is really here is those pretty trees. (Thus ends my knowledge of trees. I think I could recognize a maple leaf and the bark off a birch tree, but that’s it. Heaven help me if we ever decide to open an Arbor Day section!)

All it will take is one blustery storm and the lovely white blossoms will swirl to the ground. Our last snow storm before opening. And blossoms don’t conveniently melt as snow does. It’s one more clean-up process.

Every spring, I think how it’s a shame our Guests don’t get to see our lovely Bradford Pear trees. So here’s a look. Springtime is in the air today … and our last snowfall is not far away.

Gobbler in a pear tree

Epilogue: Ah, yes. A Gobbler in a Pear Tree. Holiday World historians will know this wasn’t the original photo used for this post back in April of 2005, as Gobbler Getaway didn’t open until a year later. And I’m frankly not even positive that this is a pear tree in the foreground (although Nathan is nearly certain and he’s pretty much a Nature Boy, so I think we’re good).

Thanks for reading and commenting all these years. By all means, please don’t hesitate to post a comment here with your ideas for future HoliBlog posts.



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