By Paula @ Holiday World

As our Director of Special Events, Eric is having a blast planning our Happy Halloween Weekends. His office is overflowing with Halloween paraphernalia and his brain is at the point of leaking, what with all the ideas for our family-friendly event.

Eric is big on consensus-building and does a lot of opinion-gathering with our staff.

Often, all it takes is some fact-finding and lively discussion to arrive at good decisions, but sometimes an issue is so subjective we have to take a vote.

Once in a while, the vote ends in a tie. Dan, as our president, is always available as a tie-breaker, but when we hit an impasse regarding which combination of trick-or-treaters to use for our Goblin Grove logo, we thought it would be fun to poll our readers and let you make the decision for us.

So what exactly is Goblin Grove? Geared to families with children under the age of 12, Goblin Grove will feature pumpkin decorating, hay-bale mazes, face painting, magic shows, and a trick-or-treat trail during our Happy Halloween Weekends

So here are Graphic Artist Rick's three designs, and the opinion poll is beneath them. Voting runs through (when else?) Friday the 13th!

First there’s Little Vampire:

Next, ol' Pumpkin Head:

And finally, Little Frankenstein:

Thanks for voting!


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14 Responses to “Frank, Vamp, or Pumpkin Head?”

  1. Chris Hoffman

    Little Vampire is hidden (too much black with the witch and the Vampire). I really like how Frankie stands out!

  2. Barb Emert

    I really like Frank for the color, but the pumpkin gives you something that is not so scary for the little ones

  3. Jamie Shake

    I like the logo with little Frankenstein – it looks more balanced with the rest of the logo.

  4. Kim Nolen

    My son and I love to come to Holiday World every year and we are looking forward to you new location also!

  5. Keri

    I think the vampire is the most current and most appealing for today’s kids, though the graphic itself could use a little tweaking to get it to stand out more…

  6. Tricia Payne

    I love the colors of Little Franky. The green really pops. But I did like the suggestion up above to make him smile or give a 1/2 smile. =) Love the idea of having your HW fans help make decisions.

  7. Kathy

    I think the pumpkin head is the cutest and most appealing for the little ones. You may want ot change the treat bag shape for him, however or switch the witch’s bag and the pumpkin head bag. Color on the Frankenstein is great but may be too scary for the younger children. The vampire is not colorful enough.

  8. Tammy

    I like the little frank but I agree he needs to smile so he isnt so scary to the young, or a more colorful dress for the witch and the ol pumpkin would be great. My fav is little frank with a smile