By Paula @ Holiday World

The call came out mid-afternoon – it was time to ride Voyage for the first time this season.

The test dummies were the first to arrive in the station.

They kicked up their heels with joy.

A few stretches before riding is a great idea.

Ummm … Pilates for Dummies?

At last it was time to ride.

And ride they did:

Have you ever seen such happy faces?

Just look at that shiny new track – all reports are: Smooooooth!

See for yourself. Here's a compilation of the first handful of test rides.

Please note: this video is the result of several test runs being edited together, with a different combination of riders each time. No dummies or humans were harmed in the making of this video!

Voyage – and the rest of Holiday World – opens for the season May 5.

Should the dummies save you a seat?


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3 Responses to “2012’s maiden Voyage”

  1. Karen T.

    AHA! I finally get it! I know how the dummies are chosen. They are the poor past riders who failed to heed the “keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times” instruction. LOL! Looking forward to another great season at your park!

  2. HoliBlog

    The new Timberliner trains for The Voyage will not be delivered to us in time for pre-opening testing this spring. Unfortunately, that means we will have to wait until the fall for testing. It is our intent to fully test the new trains and have them on the track for the 2013 season. – Paula