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… and that's okay.

But somehow, it seems fair to expect the news media to get it right.

My absolute favorite Santa Claus Land headline was back in 1992, when the park had been Holiday World for nearly a decade. It was my first season with the park and we'd had great fun with the bungee show and rides we offered. Bungee was located where the high-dive show used to be (and still exists). If you look around behind the high-dive seating, you can still see the footers that were put in for the bungee tower.

The plan was always to offer bungee jumping for a single season. Then we'd go back to the high-dive show.

But when, toward the season's end, a newspaper article ran about our bungee show, the big hook was that we were not going to continue it in 1993.

Never planned to. Told them so.

But it was more exciting to write about the "big decision," apparently.

The wire service picked up the story and it ran all over the place. My budget nearly exploded as the clipping service mailed us boxes and boxes of clips. Although the article was the same, the headlines varied wildly — as they are written by someone on each paper's staff.

The one I'll never forget, for its absurdity, was: Santa Claus Land Rids Self of Bungee Nightmare

Now that's creative writing!

Originally posted 8/22/06

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