By Paula @ Holiday World

Thanks to all the great families (some of which included friends, too) for all the great videos and photos. We enjoyed reviewing them all.

So who won?

Only the Travel Channel knows for sure.

They'll let us know very soon and we'll, of course, pass along the announcement.

We can tell you who our Super-Fan Family finalists are – we have five families who are on pins and needles, hoping to be chosen for the top prize.

Meanwhile, the four families who are finalists, but don't get chosen by Travel Channel producers still get to come ride Mammoth on May 12 and serve as extras for the Travel Channel shoot!

Below are the videos from our five finalists. Which one do you think Travel Channel should choose as Mammoth's featured family? (Cast your "fan favorite" vote below.)

This family is from Louisville, Kentucky:

This family is from Rockville, Indiana:

This family is from Lawrenceville, Illinois:

This family is from Paducah, Kentucky:

And this family is from Evansville, Indiana:

Let's take a poll and we'll give our Fan Favorite a little something extra on May 12, too!

Good luck to all the finalists – and thanks again to all who entered!


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